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1 12th July 01:38
External User
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Default BEWARE: Mark Gordon spams and harrasses

Not content to harrass in this group, he has sent three emails to me as
well. He obviously has a problem with anyone who posts concerning Ebay,
although it is in the FAQ that is perfectly okay. Both his emails are and If you
receive emails from him, report him immediately as I have. I find it
odd that someone who I assume runs some sort of business would behave
in this manner when there are all sorts of internet spam/business
websites to moderate such actions. The following is more info on him:

Return-Path: <>
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MAILINXA12-7342081e9c9b; Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:06:24 -0500
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MAILRELAYINXA55-7342081e9c9b; Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:06:20 -0500
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helo=[])by with esmtp (Exim
3.33 #1)id 1CyKlg-0001FX-00


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MAILINXM43-5ef420e3d54f9; Sat, 12 Feb 2005 12:31:21 -0500
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( []) by (v104.18) with ESMTP id
MAILRELAYINXM19-5ef420e3d54f9; Sat, 12 Feb 2005 12:31:01 -0500
Received: from ([]
helo=[])by with esmtp (Exim
3.33 #1)id 1D016i-0000ah-00

I apologize for the offtopic post.
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2 12th July 01:38
External User
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Default Mark Gordon is a reputable buyer and seller (WAS: BEWARE: Mark Gordonspams and harrasses)

How has Mark "harassed" anyone in this newsgroup? I've mentioned your
internet ID (BLAZERKOHL) negatively - due to the fact that you pretty
much seem to dominate the group with countless posts on a daily basis -
in a message or two that I've posted. Was I also "harassing" you?

IIRC, the FAQ also said one should limit posts to five or, at the most,
ten per day (but my memory may be foggy on this). But take into
consideration that was when this NG carried 300 to 400 new messages each
day. These days the daily traffic probably averages about 25 to 50
posts. So ten a day can seem excessive.

I had a run-in with Mark early on. I seem to recall he listed some
comics as "Free" but then wanted to charge a (nominal) fee - something
along the lines of 3/$1. I jumped all over him and told him "free" and
"cheap" were not synonymous. By your apparent definition of harassment,
he probably could have made the case I was harassing him. But, after all
was said and done and the dust settled, we had at least one or two
satisfactory transactions. I'd deal with him any day and vouch for his integrity as well.

Apology, for my part anyway, accepted. But perhaps the phrase "get a
life" should take on some meaning to you, particularly if comics and the
internet *are* your life.

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3 12th July 09:55
External User
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Default BEWARE: Mark Gordon spams and harrasses)

So you quote my post and yet ask how he has harassed me? Going to my
auction and using the "ask the seller" option to question my practices.
And then sending two emails to me - even though I have never responded
to him other than on this newsgroup to prove his accusations wrong -
that is harassing. "Daily basis" is laughable. Auctions begin, auctions
end. I used to post at the beginning and at the end. All it takes is a
random search. And if they were a few days apart, they were new
auctions. I'm not one of those "hours left". I do first day and last
day posts. I have never even seen your posts. So why should you feel
hurt? Guilty conscience?

I also find it amusing that I'm defending against someone who has a
history of such cases, and yet I'm the one that needs to get a life?
Know all the facts.


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4 12th July 09:56
mark gordon
External User
Posts: 1
Default BEWARE: Mark Gordon spams and harrasses)

Hey Pete.
I noticed you didn't copy and paste my last message to you.
I'll quote what I did say: You never did answer my question.

That's it, folks. All I've wanted was for Pete to assess his auction hits in
regards to his auction postings here. My challenge to Pete: if you are not
getting any new business from this group, then cease and desist with your
postings. appears Mr. Google can identify a post I made ten years ago, can
copy source code...but can't answer a simple question.

I'm not going to win the argument here...never had and never will.
Hell...Bart can attest to that. I've had my moments but have not gone to
point of harassing people. Get real, Pete. You're just pissed because of the
wasted bandwidth your causing here.

Just answer the question, Pete. Either that or admit you can't for the
people here...not that anyone here gives a damn.


P.S. Thanks Karl.
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