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1 6th October 00:11
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Default Computer for Sale, Great Deal- NOT

I guess you're illiterate then, because if you go back and actually
bother reading their posts, you'll see that neither of them agreed
with your nonsense.

Persuade them? Everyone with an ounce of common sense has already
agreed with me. Not only that, but most have either filtered you out,
or have flat out called you the imbecile that you are. I know you'd
rather not focus on that because it's the truth, but the fact is that
it's still very much the reality.

Any time, any place. You name it, I'll be there.

But as with your XP booting nonsense, you talk and talk but never put
up. So you'll f****ve me for not getting my hopes too high.

Of course. Your existence is just so important to the world that you
couldn't possibly spare an hour or two out of your busy schedule

You are so full of shit it's not even funny anymore.

And just to prove HOW full of shit you are, I'm going to do something
which will further make you look like an ass. Since you want to use
the excuse that your time is too "valuable", you won't have the chance
because I'm planning on covering that angle.

Watch for a new post with the subject title of "Enough is enough."
It'll appear in roughly 10-15 minutes.

Yeah of course. The "mystery" people, right? I'm sure you got
countless "e-mails" from those imaginary people, just as your got XP
to boot faster than 98. The only place either of those events
occurred is in your thick skull.

It's okay, because your e-mail support (whether real or imaginary)
will all be addressed in my next message.

Stay'll love it.
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