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1 9th May 09:24
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Default FA: Brand new audio books Redemption by Leon Uris, Ufo, JFK and elvis

UFOs, JFK, and Elvis=audio book 2 tapes + free ebook $3.25

Ufos, Jfk, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to
Believe [UNABRIDGED] by Richard Belzer (Reader) WINNER OF THIS AUCTION
INFO. Edition: Audio Cassette Product Details Publisher: Dove„h Audio
Cassette: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 7.50 x 4.50 „h PLAYING TIME
3„h ASIN: 0787120014 „hBooks Audio; Unabridged edition (July 1999)
HOURS 2 CASSETTES. Brand New still in original shrink wrap. Are you
the least bit curious about the JFK mystery, UFOs, and the conspiracy
theories that swirl around them like dust devils? If so, don't miss
out on Richard Belzer's immensely entertaining, impishly irreverent
audio monologue on his twin enthusiasms. (Elvis doesn't really figure
in Belzer's spiel. He just put him in there because whenever he cast
doubt on the Warren Commission or government denials of UFOs, people
would say, "Yeah, and you probably believe Elvis is still alive,"
which isn't true.) Belzer played the conspiracy-obsessed Detective
Munch on TV's Homicide and other shows so convincingly because he is
obsessed. He's working on a TV adaptation of the ideas in The Big Book
of Conspiracies. Belzer's snarky, film noir voice is a national
treasure, and his jaunty, paranoid rap is punctuated with 200 sound
effects: musical cues, rifle shots, and a little noise that signals
one of Belzer's delightful "factoids." A factoid is an item of
interest, such as Belzer's allegation that the bullets recovered from
the cop allegedly shot by Oswald don't match Oswald's gun. He also
cites the actual U.S. law that forbade *** with aliens. No joke!
Belzer started out as a snarling standup comic, and few can match his
way with a monologue. His delivery doesn't merely drip with sarcasm,
it's positively drenching. He may or may not convince you that Gerald
Posner's Oswald-did-it book Case Closed is bull, but he will
definitely make you laugh Pretty Good All Around, July 10, 2002
Reviewer: lindey_a (see more about me) from USA Belz did a great job
on this book. He's certainly come a long way from his last one (How to
Be A Standup Comedian). I agree, he did do his homework on this book.
I've been a long time admirer of JFK, and I learned more about the
conspiracy surrounding his death. Although the part of the book

w/ JFK's death, but I never really had any info to back it up when
asked. After I had read Ufo's, JFK, and Elvis, I could answer pretty
much any question my friends asked me. I know that not everyone wants
to read this book so they can be the resident JFK expert, that just
happens to be my reason. It's good for whatever reason you're reading
it for. I've loved pretty much everything Belz has done so far (We'll
leave Groove Tube out of that group...) and I was pretty disappointed
w/ his first book. I took a chance on this one, but it turned out to
be a winner. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Shipping is $2.25 I am new to Yahoo Auctions but not new to selling.
Goto the about me page of the listing to see my feedback at ebay.
After purchasing, pay instantly with your credit card through PayPal!
Start bid at $3.25

Updated: Jul 30 17:22 PDT

EXTRA!== Winner of this auction gets a free ebook entitled "HOW TO
INCREASE AUCTION PROFITS" It has 18 chapters of revealing information.

Updated: Nov 11 14:44 PST

Winner of this auction gets 1 free paperback in good condition valued
at $6.00 The Year of The Tiger by Jack Higgins (see pic) isbn
042515517x 278 pgs clean no tears or marks of anykind. spine is good.


at ebay Redemption by Leon Uris 4 tapes $3.00

Agents of Influence by Pat Choate $3.00 BN 1tape

How Japan is taking over the US
Thank you
J.P. McBooks
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