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1 24th August 17:23
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Default Pop, Rock and Soul vinyl list

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Pop Air Supply 8 TK Greatest Hits SS CRC AA8 8024
Pop Bee Gees 45 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? / Country Woman VG+
Atco 45-6824
Pop Bee Gees 45 Words / Sinking Ships VG+ Atlantic ATCO 45-6548
Pop Carpenters, The Made In America 81 VG+ CRC A&M 8T 3723
Pop Carpenters, The LP The Singles 1969-1973 VG+ A&M SP-3601
Pop Chiffons, The 45 Sweet Talkin' Guy / Did You Ever Go Steady VG+
Laurie 3340
Pop Clark, Pet LP Color My World/Who Am I VG Warner WS 1673
Pop Clark, Pet LP These Are My Songs VG Warner WS 1698
Pop Clark, Petula 45 American Boy / Look To The Sky VG+ Warner Brothers
- Seven Arts 7244
Pop Clark, Petula 45 The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener / At The
Crossroads VG+ Warner Brothers 7097
Pop Clay, Tom 45 What The World Needs Now Is Love / The Victors VG+
Motown Mowest MW 5002F
Pop Darin, Bobby 45 Amy / Lovin' You VG+ VG+ Atlantic 45-2376
Pop Davis, Mac 8 TK Greatest Hits SOLD SS Colum TC8 PCA 36317
Pop deShannon, Jackie 45 What The World Needs Now Is Love / I Remember
The Boy VG+ Liberty Imperial 66110
Pop Diamond, Neil 8 TK Heartlight SOLD SS .50 Colum TC8 QCA 38359
Pop Domingo and Denver 8 TK Perhaps Love SS CBS 1A1 7324
Pop Fred, John & His Playboy Band 45 Judy In Disguise / When Lights Go
Out VG+ Jewel Paula 282
Pop Gibb, Robin 45 Like A Fool (promo) 85 NM 5 PS 5 EMI America
Pop Gibb, Robin 45 Toys (promo) 85 NM 5 PS 5 EMI America P-B-8304
Pop Goldsboro, Bobby 8 TK 10th Anniversary - Volumes I & II 74 SS
Liberty 1A2 7417
Pop Goldsboro, Bobby 45 Love Is / GoodbyeTo All You Women VG+ United
Artists UA 50138
Pop Gorme, Eydie 8 TRK Since I Fell For You 81 Applause 1A1 7364
Pop Grant, Amy 45 Stay For Awhile (promo) 86 VG+ Word Myrrh
Pop Harris, Richard LP A Tramp Shining (re-issue) 80 NM ABC Dunhill
DS-50032 MCA 27016
Pop Harris, Richard LP A Tramp Shining (re-issue) 78 NM Pickwick
Pop Harris, Richard LP His Greatest Performances 73 VG+ MCA-27091
Pop Harris, Richard 45 Mac Arthur Park / Didn't We 68 VG+ 6, PS 6 ABC
Dunhill D 4134
Pop Harris, Richard LP Richard Harris Love Album VG+ Abc Dunhill DS
Pop Harris, Richard 45 The Yard Went On Forever / Lucky Me VG+ 6 ABC
Dunhill 45 D-4170
Pop Holmes, Clint 45 Playground In My Mind 72 VG+ CBS Epic 5-10891
Pop Jackson, Michael LP Thriller 82 VG+ CBS Epic QE 38112
Pop John, Olivia Newton- LP If Not For You 71 VG+ MCA UNI 73117
Pop John, Olivia Newton- LP Let Me Be There 73 VG+ MCA 389
Pop Lawrence, Steve LP Winners 63 VG+ CBS Columbia CS 8753
Pop Lee, Leapy 45 Little Arrows / Time Will Tell VG+ MCA Decca 32380
Pop Left Banke, The 45 Pretty Ballerina / Lazy Day VG+ Smash S-2074
Pop Lulu 45 To Sir, With Love / The Boat That I Row VG+ Epic 5-10187
Pop Manilow, Barry 8 TK Greatest Hits SS Arista AT8 8601
Pop Manilow, Barry 8 TK Here Comes The Night 82 SS Arista AT8 9610
Pop McGovern, Maureen 45 The Morning After / Midnight Storm 73 VG+ 20th
Century TC 2010
Pop McLean, Don LP Don McLean 72 VG UnitedArtists UAS-5651
Pop Murray, Anne 45 Send A Little Love My Way / Head Above The Water 73
VG+ Capitol P-3648 mono promo
Pop Murray, Anne LP Danny's Song (Canadian) 73 VG+ Capitol EMI ST 11172
Pop Murray, Anne LP Love Song (Canadian) 74 VG+ Capitol EMI ST 11266
Pop Nevil, Robbie 45 C'est La Vie 86 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol Manhattan
P-B-50047 promo
Pop Newton-John, Olivia LP Let Me Be There 73 VG+ MCA-389
Pop Peter & Gordon 45 The Flower Lady / Knight In Rusty Armor NM 12 PS
15 Capitol 5808
Pop Platters, The 45 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes VG+ Mercury 71383X45
Pop Ray, Goodman and Brown 45 Take It To The Limit (instrumental and
edited version) 86 NM EMI America B-8365 promo
Pop Righteous Brothers 45 You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' VG+ Spector
Philles 124
Pop Rogers, Kenny 8 TK Christmas VG+ Liberty 8L0 551115
Pop Rogers, Kenny Share Your Love 81 Liberty 8L0 501108
Pop Seals and Crofts LP Summer Breeze 72 VG+ Warner Br BS 2629
Pop Seals and Crofts LP Unborn Child 74 VG+ Warner Br W 2761
Pop Streisand, Barbara 8 TK Memories SS TC8 TCA 37678
Pop Sunshine Company 45 Back On The Street Again / I Just Want To Be
Your Friend VG+ Liberty Imperial 66260
Pop Supremes, The 45 The Happening / All I Know About You 67 VG+ Motown
M 1107
Pop Taylor, James LP Walking Man 74 VG+ Warner Br W 2794
Pop Taylor, James LP Flag 79 VG+ CBS Columbia FC 36058
Pop Taylor, James LP Gorilla 75 VG+ Warner Br BS 2866
Pop Taylor, James LP James Taylor 68 VG+ Apple SKAO 3352
Pop Thomas, B.J. 45 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head / Never Had It So
Good VG+ Scepter SCE-12265
Pop Turner, Tina 45 Private Dancer 84 VG+ 5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5433 promo
Pop Warwick, Dionne LP 2 Greatest Hits from The Dynamic DW 84 VG+ CBS
Pair PDL2 1043
Pop Warwick, Dionne LP 2 Masterpieces 85 VG+ CBS Pair PDL2 1098
Pop Warwick, Dionne LP Golden Hits, Part One VG+ Scepter SRM-565
Pop Warwick, Dionne LP Golden Hits, Part Two VG+ Scepter SPS-577
Pop Warwick, Dionne LP I'll Never Fall In Love Again VG, G Scepter SPS
Pop Winwood, Steve LP Arc of a Diver 80 VG+ Warner Island ILPS 9576
Pop Turner, Tina 45 Two People /Havin' A Party 86 VG+ 5 PS 5 Capitol
Pop Instrumental Alpert, Herb and The Tijuana Brass 45 Casino
Royale/The Wall Street Rag VG+5, PS 6 A&M 850
Pop Instrumental Alpert, Herb and The Tijuana Brass 45 Mexican Road
Race/Wade In The Water VG+5, PS 6 A&M 840
Pop Instrumental Alpert, Herb and The Tijuana Brass 45 Spanish
Flea/What Now, My Love? VG+8, PS 10 A&M 792
Pop Instrumental Alpert, Herb and The Tijuana Brass LP What Now My
Love? VG+ A&M SP 4114
Pop - Country Davis, Mac LP Forever Lovers 76 NMSS Columbia PC 34105
Pop - Easy Cross, Christopher LP Another Page (manf. In Canada) 83 VG+
WarnerBrothers 92 37571
Pop - Easy Cross, Christopher 8 TK Christopher Cross SOLD SS .50
Pop - Rock - Easy Pop Rock Various LP 10 Great Original Hits of the
'50s and '60s - Collector's Edition 74 NMSS Reader's Digest RDA 182-1 A
Pop Country Gentry, Bobbie 45 Ode to Billie Joe / Mississippi Delta VG+
Capitol 5950
Pop Country Murray, Anne & Campbell, Glen LP Anne Murray / Glen
Campbell VG+ Capitol SW-869
Pop Easy Lettermen, The 8 TK Love Is SS Applause 1A1 7365
Pop Easy Vinton, Bobby 8 TK All-Time Greatest Hits SS Epic PAG 31487
Pop Jazz Sting LP Nothing Like the Sun 87 VG+ A&M SP 6402
Pop Jazz Sting LP The Dream of The Blue Turtles 85 VG+ A&M SP 3750
Pop Rock Buffett, Jimmy LP Volcano 79 VG+ MCA 5102
Pop Rock Rivers, Johnny LP Realization 68 VG+ Liberty Imperial LP 12372
Pop Rock Taylor, James LP Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon 71 VG+
Warner Br BS 2561
Pop Rock Taylor, James LP One Man Dog 72 VG+ Warner Br BS 2660
Pop- R&B McPhatter, Clyde LP Clyde McPhatter's Greatest Hits VG+
Mercury SR 60783
Ragtime Joplin, Scott LP Rags Volume 2 Joshua Rifkin, piano 72 VG+
Nonesuch H-71264
Rhythm & Blues Tower of Power 45 Clean Slate / So Very Hard To Do 73
VG+ Warner Brothers 7687
Rock America LP Hat Trick 73 NM 12 Warner Br BS 2728
Rock America LP Hat Trick 73 VG+10 Warner Br BS 2728
Rock Anderson, Jon LP 3 Ships 85 VG+ Elektra 9 60469-1
Rock Anderson,Jon LP Song of Seven 80 VG+ Atlantic SD 16021
Rock Arcadia 45 Election Day VG+ Capitol PB-5501 promo
Rock Arcadia 45 Goodbye Is Forever (single remix) 85 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol
P-B-5542 promo
Rock Arcadia 45 The Flame Remix 86 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5570 promo
Rock Association, The 45 Six Man Band / Like Always VG+ Warner Br - 7
Arts 229
Rock Beach Boys 8 TK Best of The Beach Boys SS Capitol 8XT 502545
Rock Beach Boys 45 California Dreamin' 86 VG+10 Capitol P-B-5630 promo
Rock Beach Boys LP Carl and The Passions "So Tough"/Pet Sounds 72 VG+20
Brother MS 2083
Rock Beach Boys LP Holland (Mount Vernon & Fairway EP by Brian Wilson)
73 VG+30 Brother MS 2118
Rock Beach Boys LP Pet Sounds 66 VG+ Reprise mono
Rock Beach Boys 45 Rock 'n Roll To The Rescue 86 VG+8 Capitol P-B-5595
Rock Beach Boys LP Surf's Up 71 VG+30 Brother Reprise RS6453
Rock Beatles 45 A Hard Day's Night / I Should Have Known Better
(yellow/orange swirl with print) 64 VG+50 PS 75 Capitol 5222
Rock Beatles LP Abbey Road NM Capitol EMI SO-383
Rock Beatles LP Beatles '65 65 NM Capitol EMI ST 2228
Rock Beatles LP Beatles VI NM Capitol EMI ST 2358
Rock Beatles LP Beatles, The (The White Album) 69 NM Capitol SWBO 101
Rock Beatles 45 Get Back / Don't Let Me Down 69 NM 10 Apple 2490
Rock Beatles LP Hey Jude NM Capitol EMI SW-385
Rock Beatles 45 I'll Cry Instead / I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
(yellow/orange swirl with print) 64 VG+70 PS 50 Capitol 5234
Rock Beatles 45 Lady Madonna / The Inner Light (yellow/orange swirl
with print) 68 VG+50 Capitol 2138
Rock Beatles LP Let It Be NM Capitol EMI SW-122
Rock Beatles LP Magical Mystery Tour 67 NM Capitol EMI SMAL 2835
Rock Beatles LP Meet The Beatles NM Capitol ST 2047
Rock Beatles 45 Paperback Writer / Rain (yellow/orange swirl with
print) 66 VG+50 PS 75 Capitol 5651
Rock Beatles 45 Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever (yellow/orange
swirl with print) 68 NM 50 Capitol 5810
Rock Beatles LP Revolver NM Capitol EMI SW 2576
Rock Beatles LP Rubber Soul 65 NM Capitol EMI SW 2442
Rock Beatles LP Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 67 NM Capitol EMI
SMAS 2653
Rock Beatles 45 Something / Come Together (manufactured by Apple) 71
VG+12 Apple 2654
Rock Beatles LP Something New NM Capitol EMI ST 2108
Rock Beatles LP The Beatles Yesterday and Today NM Capitol EMI ST 2553
Rock Beatles LP The Beatles' Second Album NM Capitol EMI ST 2080
Rock Beatles LP The Early Beatles NM Capitol EMI ST 2309
Rock Beatles 45 Hey Jude / Revolution (manufactured by Apple) 71 VG+10
Apple 2276
Rock Beatles- Tony Sheridan LP In The Beginning (Circa 60) NM Polydor
Rock Beau Brummels, The 45 Laugh, Laugh / Still In Love With You Baby
VG+ Autumn 8
Rock Bowie, David 45 Absolute Beginners 86 NM 5 PS 8 EMI America
P-B-8308 promo
Rock Bowie, David 45 Tonight 84 NM EMI America P-B-8246 promo
Rock Bowie, David 45 Underground 86 NM 5 PS 5 EMI America P-B-8323
Rock Bowie, David LP The Rise of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from
Mars 72 NM 10 RCA AYL 1-3843
Rock Buckinghams, The 45 Back In Love Again / You Misunderstand Me VG+
8 PS 15 Columbia 4-44533
Rock Buffett, Jimmy LP A1A 74 VG+ ABC Dunhill DSD-50183
Rock Bush, Kate LP Dreaming, The 82 NM EMI America ST-17084
Rock Bush, Kate LP Kate Bush Mini-LP 82 VG+ EMI America MLP-004
Rock Bush, Kate LP Kick Inside, The 78 NM EMI America SW-17003
Rock Bush, Kate LP Lionheart 78 NM EMI America SMAS 17008
Rock Bush, Kate LP Never for Ever 80 VG+ EMI America ST-17115
Rock Chicago LP Chicago (2nd) (2 LP set w/ poster) 70 NM Columbia C2
Rock Chicago LP Chicago (3rd) w/posters 72 NM Columbia PC 31102
Rock Chicago Transit Authority LP Chicago Transit Authority (2 LP set)
69 VG+ Columbia CS 9836 PG 8
Rock Classics IV 45 Spooky / Poor People VG+ Liberty Imperial 66259
Rock Classics IV 45 Stormy / 24 Hours of Loneliness VG+ Liberty
Imperial 66328
Rock Coastliners, The 45 I See Me / California On My Mind VG+ D.E.A.R
GS 5149
Rock ****er, Joe 45 You Can Leave Your Hat On (promo) 86 NM 5 PS 5
Capitol P-B-5589
Rock Cream 45 Anyone For Tennis / Pressed Rat and Warthog VG+ Atlantic
ATCO 45-6575
Rock Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young LP Deja vu (DJ(promo)- monoural LP)
70 NM Atlantic 7200
Rock Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 45 Ohio / Find The Cost of Freedom 70
VG+ 5, PS8 Atlantic 2740
Rock Dalbello LP whomanfoursays 84 NM Capitol EMI ST-12318
Rock Doobie Brothers LP Captain and Me, The 73 VG+ Warner Br BS 2694
Rock Doobie Brothers LP Livin' On The Fault Line 77 VG+ Warner Br
Rock Doobie Brothers LP Takin' It To The Streets 76 VG+ Warner Br
Rock Doobie Brothers LP Toulouse Street 72 VG+ Warner Br BS 2634
Rock Doors, The 45 Hello, I Love You / Love Street VG+ Elektra EK-45635
Rock Doors, The 45 Light My Fire / The Crystal Ship VG+ Elektra
Rock Doors, The 45 Love Me Two times / Moonlight Drive VG+ Elektra
Rock Dream Academy LP Dream Academy, The 85 VG+ Warner Br 9 25265-1
Rock Duran Duran 45 Notorious (colored vinyl promo, thick plastic cover
sleeve) 86 NM 10 Capitol P-B-5648
Rock Easton, Sheena 45 Do It For Love (promo) 85 NM 5 PS 6 EMI America
Rock Easton, Sheena 45 Jimmy Mack/Money Back Guarantee 85 NM 5 PS 6 EMI
America B-8309
Rock Easton, Sheena 45 Magic of Love (promo) 85 NM 5 PS 6 EMI America
Rock Easton, Sheena 45 Swear (promo) 85 NM 5 PS 6 EMI America P-B-8263
Rock Edgar Winter Group LP They Only Come Out at Night 72 VG+ CBS Epic
KE 31584
Rock Electric Light Orchestra 45 Roll Over Beethoven / Queen of The
Hours 73 VG+ United Artists XW173-W
Rock Fever Tree 45 San Francisco Girls / Come With Me VG+ MCA UNI 55060
Rock Five Man Electrical Band 45 Signs / Hello Melinda Goodbye VG+ MGM
Lionel L-3213
Rock Fleetwood Mac 45 Oh, Well - Parts I & II VG+ w7 Reprise 0883
Rock Focus LP Focus - Jan Akkerman & Thijs van Leer 85 VG+ Mercury 824
524-1 S
Rock Focus LP Focus 3 (2 record set) 72 VG+ Sire SAS 3901
Rock Frampton, Peter LP Frampton Comes Alive! 76 VG+ A&M SP 6505
Rock Genesis LP abacab 81 VG+ Atlantic SD313
Rock Genesis LP Genesis 83 VG+ Atlantic 7-80116-1
Rock Gerry & The Pacemakers 45 How Do You Do It - You'll Never Walk
Alone VG+ Laurie 3261
Rock Gerry & The Pacemakers 45 I Like It / Jambalaya VG+ Laurie 3271
Rock Greenfield, Barry LP Greenfield 73 VG+ RCA APL 1-0264 Stereo
Rock Guess Who, The LP Artificial Paradise 73 VG+ RCA LSP-4830
Rock Guess Who, The 45 Musicione / Star Baby 73 VG+ RCA Victor
Rock Guess Who, The LP Rockin' 72 VG+ RCA Victor LSP-4602
Rock Harrison, George LP 33 1/3 76 VG+ Dark Horse DH3005 Stereo
Rock Harrison, George LP All Things Must Pass VG+ Capitol STCH-639
Rock Harrison, George 45 Bangla Desh / Deep Blue 71 VG+ 8, PS 20 Apple
Rock Heart 45 Never (promo) 85 VG+5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5512
Rock Heart 45 These Dreams (promo) 85 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5541
Rock Hendrix, Jimi Experience LP Axis - Bold As Love 67 NM W7 Reprise
RS 6281
Rock Hendrix, Jimi Experience 45 Hey Joe / Foxey Lady VG+ Warner
Brothers Reprise 0641
Rock Herman's Hermits 45 Dandy-My Reservation's Been Confirmed VG+ 6,
PS 12 MGM K-13603
Rock Herman's Hermits 45 There's a Kind of a Hush / No Milk Today VG+
MGM K-13681
Rock Hopkins, Nicky LP The Tin Man Was a Dreamer 73 VG+ CBS Columbia KC
Rock It's A Beautiful Day LP It's A Beautiful Day 68, 80 VG+ CBS
Embassy CB 231 - EM 331
Rock It's A Beautiful Day LP Marrying Maiden 70, 81 VG+ CBS EMB 31930
Rock Jefferson Airplane LP Worst of Jefferson Airplane VG+ RCA Victor
Rock Jethro Tull LP Thick As A Brick 72 VG+ Warner Brothers Reprise MS
Rock Jo Jo Gunne LP Bite Down Hard 73 VG+ Atlantic Asylum SD 5065
Rock Joel, Billy LP Piano Man 73 VG+ Columbia KC 32544
Rock Joel, Billy LP Streetlife Serenade 74 VG+ ColumbiaPC 33146 S
Rock John, Elton LP Elton John (1969) 80 NM MCA 37067
Rock John, Elton 45 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting / Jack Rabbit
/ Whenever You're Ready 73 VG+ MCA-40105
Rock John, Elton LP Tumbleweed Connection 77 VG+ MCA 3001
Rock Kinks, The 45 A Well-Respected Man, Set Me Free VG+ Warner
Brothers Reprise 0715
Rock Knickerbockers, The 45 Lies / The Coming Generation VG+ Challenge
Rock Le Cirque 45 Land of Oz / I'll Be Thinking of You P Buddah BDA 14
Rock Lennon, Julian LP Valotte 84 VG+ Atlantic 80184-1
Rock Lennon, Julian with Stevie Wonder 45 Time Will Teach Us All
(promo) 86 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5618
Rock Loggins and Messina LP Kenny Loggins w Jim Messina Sittin' In 73
VG+10 CBS Columbia PC 33175
Rock Loggins and Messina LP Mother Lode 74 VG+10
Rock Lomax, Jackie 45 Lavender Dream 72 VG+ Warner Brothers WB 7564
mono promo
Rock Lynyrd Skynard LP pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd 73 VG+ Sounds of
The South MCA 363
Rock Mason, Dave LP AloneTogether VG+ ABC Blue Thumb BTS-
Rock McCartney, Paul 45 Press (video edit) 86 NM 15 PS 6 Capitol
P-B-5597 promo
Rock McCartney, Paul 45 Spies Like Us 85 NM Capitol 7PRO-9552,3 promo
Rock McCartney, Paul 45 Stranglehold 86 NM 15 PS 6 Capitol P-B-5636
Rock McCartney, Paul and Wings 45 Live and Let Die / I Lie Around 73
VG+8 Apple 1863
Rock McLean, Don LP American Pie 80 VG+ Liberty LN-10037
Rock Miller Band, Steve 45 Bongo Bongo 85 NM 5 PS 5 promo
Rock Miller Band, Steve 45 Italian X Rays 85 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5476
Rock Miller Band, Steve 45 I Want To Make The World Turn Around 86 NM 5
PS 5 Capitol P-B-5646 promo
Rock Mitchell, Joni LP Court and Spark 72 NM Asylum 7E-1001
Rock Mojo Men, The 45 Sit Down, I Think I Love You / Don't Leave Me
Crying Like Before VG+ Warner Brothers Reprise 0539
Rock Monkees, The 45 Daydream Believer / Goin' Down 67 VG+12 PS 15 RCA
Colgems 66-1012
Rock Nash, Graham LP Wild Tales 73 VG+ Atlantic SD 7288
Rock New Colony Six 45 Come and Give Your Love to Me / Things I'd Like
to Say VG+ Mercury 72858
Rock Newman, Randy LP Little Criminals 77 VG+ Warner Br BSK 3079
Rock Nilsson, Harry LP Nilsson Schmilsson 71 VG+ RCA ANL 1-3464
Rock Police, The LP Synchronicity 83 VG+ A&M Sp-3735
Rock Presley, Elvis 45 Do The Clam / You'll Be Gone VG+ RCA Victor
Rock Presley, Elvis LP The Elvis Presley Story (5 disc set) 77 NM 75
RCA DML5-0263
Rock Preston, Billy 45 Will It Go Round In Circles / Blackbird 72 VG+
A&M 1411
Rock Queen 45 A Kind of Magic 86 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5590 promo
Rock Queen 45 One Vision 85 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol P-B-5530 promo
Rock REO Speedwagon LP REO Speedwagon 71 VG+ Epic E 31089
Rock Revere, Paul & The Raiders 45 Don't Take It So Hard / Observation
in Flight # 285 in 3/4 Time 68 VG+ 8 PS 10 CBS Columbia 4-44553
Rock Rivers, Johnny 45 Summer Rain / Memory of the Coming Good VG+
Liberty Imperial 66267
Rock Rock Super Stars various LP Super Stars, Super Hits - 24 original
all time greats (Columbia Record Club) VG, P Columbia DS-348
Rock Roe, Tommy 45 Jam Up & Jelly Tight / Moon Talk NM 8 PS 8
Rock Rolling Stones, The 45 Jumpin' Jack Flash / Child of the Moon 66
VG+ London 45-908
Rock Rolling Stones, The 45 Paint It Black/Stupid Girl 66 P5, PS VG+25
London 901
Rock Rolling Stones, The 45 Ruby Tuesday/Let's Spend The Night Together
67 VG 10, PS VG+25 London 904
Rock Rundgren, Todd LP A Wizard, A True Star 73 VG+ Warner Brothers BSK
Rock Sea Level LP Cats on the Coast 77 VG+ Capricorn CPN 0198
Rock Sea Level LP Sea Level with Chuck Leavell 77 VG+ Capricorn CP 0178
Rock Shocking Blue, The 45 Venus / Hot Sand VG+ 8, PS 8 Colossus C 108
Rock Simon, Carly 45 That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be /
Alone VG+ Elektra EKS 45724
Rock Smith 45 Take A Look Around / Mojalesky Ridge VG+ Abc Dunhill 45
Rock Springfield, Dusty 45 I Only Want To Be With You / Once Upon A
Time VG Phillips 40162
Rock Steppenwolf 45 Move Over / Power Play VG+ ABC Dunhill D-4205
Rock Strawberry Alarm Clock 45 Incense & Peppermints / The Birdman of
Alkatrash VG+ MCA UNI 55018
Rock Styx LP Kilroy Was Here 83 VG+ A&M SP-3734
Rock Supertramp LP Breakfast in America 79 VG+ A&M SP-3708
Rock Surfaris, The 45 Wipe Out/ Surfer Joe 66 VG+ 6 Dot 45-144
Rock Surfers, The LP Live and Well at Latitude 20 71 NM Daybreak DR2001
Rock Ten Years After LP Rock and Roll Music to the World 72 VG+ CBS
Columbia KC 31779
Rock Ten Years After LP The Classic Performances of . . . 76 VG+ CBS
Columbia 34366
Rock Three Dog Night LP Harmony VG+ Dunhill DSX 50108
Rock Three Dog Night 45 One / Chest Fever VG+ abc dunhill 45 D-41
Rock Thunderclap Newman LP Hollywood Dream 73 SS MCA - 354
Rock Toto LP Hydra 79 VG+ CBS Columbia PC 36229
Rock Toto 8 TK IV 82 VG+ Columbia TC8 1A1 7408
Rock Toto LP Toto 78 VG+ Columbia PC 35317
Rock Toto LP Turn Back 81 VG+ CBS Columbia FC 36813
Rock Townshend, Pete LP Who Came First 72 VG+ Decca/MCA DL7-9189
Rock Toy Matinee CD Toy Matinee SOLD 90 VG+ Reprise 9 26235-2 AAD
Rock Traffic LP John Barleycorn Must Die 70 VG+ Atlantic Island 90058-1
Rock Tubes, The LP Love Bomb 85 VG+ Capitol ST-12381
Rock Turtles, The 45 Elenore/Surfer Dan VG+15 PS 15 White Whale WW 276
Rock Utopia LP Deface The Music NMSS Warner Brothers Bearsville CA 651
Rock Ventures, The 45 Walk - Don't Run '64 / The Cruel Sea 64 VG+
Dolton Records No. 96
Rock Walsh, Joe LP/CD So What (CD SOLD) 74 VG+ abc Dunhill DS 50171
Rock Walsh, Joe LP The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get 73 VG+ ABC
Dunhill DSX-50140
Rock Waybill, Fee LP Read My Lips 84 VG+ Capitol ST-12369
Rock Wilson, Ann 45 The Best Man in The World 86 NM 5 PS 5 Capitol
P-B-5654 promo
Rock Winter Group, The Edgar LP They Only Come Out At Night 72 VG
Columbia KE 31584
Rock Wonder, Stevie LP Innervisions 73 VG+ Tamla T 326L
Rock Yes LP Close To The Edge 72 VG+ Atlantic SD 133
Rock Yes LP Fragile 72 VG+ Atlantic SD 132
Rock Yes LP Yes Album, The 73 VG+ Atlantic SD 131
Rock Young, Neil LP After The Gold Rush 70 VG+ Warner Brothers Reprise
RS 6383
Rock Young, Neil LP On The Beach 74 NMSS Warner Brothers Reprise R2180
Rock Rascals, The 45 Carry Me Back / Real Thing VG+ Atlantic 45-2664
Rock Country Ozark Mtn. Daredevils LP It'll Shine When It Shines 77 VG+
A&M SP-3654
Rock Country Ozark Mtn. Daredevils LP The Ozark Mountain Dare Devils 77
VG+ A&M SP-4411
Rock - Country Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) 45 Travelin' Band /
Who'll Stop The Rain VG+ 6 PS 10 Fantasy 637 F-2764
Rock - Folk Donovan (Leitch) 45 Hurdy Gurdy Man, The / **** Angel 68
VG+ 8 PS 10 CBS Epic 5-10345
Rock - New Wave Costello, Elvis and The Attractions LP Trust 81 VG+
Columbia JC 37051
Rock - Pop 4 Seasons, The LP At The Hop VG+ Coronet CXS-244
Rock - Pop 4 Seasons, The LP Born To Wander 64 VG 15 Phillips PHS
Rock - Pop 4 Seasons, The LP New Gold Hits 67 VG 15 Phillips PHS
Rock - Pop Bee Gees, The LP Best of Bee Gees 69 VG+ ATCO SD 33-292
Rock - Pop Chicago LP Chicago (Greatest Hits) 75 NM Columbia PC 33900
Rock - Pop Chicago LP Chicago 16 82 NM Full MoonWarner Brothers9
Rock - Pop Chicago LP Chicago 17 84 NM Full MoonWarner Brothers9
Rock - Pop Diamond, Neil LP Solitary Man (British import compilation 89
NM Pickwick SHM 3093
Rock - Pop Diamond, Neil LP Song Sung Blue (Brit import comp.) 82 NM
EMI MFP 5582
Rock - Pop Diamond, Neil LP Sweet Caroline/Brother Love's Travelin'
Salvation Show 80 NM MCA 37057
Rock - Pop Rock - Pop various LP Shindig!!! 25 artists and tunes VG, G
Guest Star GS-1488
Rock - Progressive Focus LP Mother Focus 75 VG+ Atlantic Atco SD 36-117
Rock - Progressive Focus LP Moving Waves 72 VG+ Sire SAS 7401
Rock - Progressive Genesis LP Foxtrot VG+ Charisma CAS 1058
Rock - Progressive Pink Floyd LP Dark Side of The Moon 73 VG+ Capitol
SMAS 11163
Rock - Progressive Synergy LP Electronic Realizations for Rock Orch. 75
VG+ Passport PB 6001
Rock - Progressive Wakeman, Rick LP The Six Wives of Henry VIII 72 NM
A&M SP 4361
Rock - Progressive Yes LP Drama 80 VG+ Atlantic SD 160
Rock - Progressive Yes LP Tormato 78 VG+ Atlantic SD 202
Rock - Progressive Yes LP 90125 83 VG+ Atlantic Atco 90125
Rock - R&B Bishop, Elvin Group LP Juke Joint Jump 75 VG+ CapricornCP
Rock - R&B Geils Band, The J. 45 Eenie Meenie Minie Moe (promo) 84 NM
EMI America P-B-8260
Rock - R&B Geils Band, The J. LP Nightmares 74 VG Atlantic SD 18107
Rock - R&B Jones, Grace 45 Slave to the Rhythm / Ladies & Gentlemen
(promo) 85 NM 5 PS 5 Manhattan Island B50020
Rock - R&B Geils Band, The J. 45 Give It To Me / Hold Your Loving 73
VG+ Atlantic 45-2953
Rock Blues Ten Years After LP Cricklewood Green VG+ London Deram DES
Rock Folk Taylor, James LP Sweet Baby James 69 VG+ Warner Br WS1843
Rock Jazz Sembelllo, Michael LP Bossa Nova Hotel 83 VG+ Warner Br 9
Rock Jazz Steely Dan LP Aja 77 VG+ MCA-1688
Rock Jazz Steely Dan LP Can't Buy a Thrill 72 NM MCA-1591Stereo
Rock Jazz Steely Dan LP Countdown to Ecstacy 74 NM+ MCA 37041
Rock Jazz Steely Dan CD Countdown to Ecstacy SOLD 74 VG+ MCA 37041
Rock Jazz Steely Dan LP Gaucho 80 NM MCA-37220
Rock Jazz Steely Dan LP Katy Lied 75 NM MCA-1594
Rock Jazz Steely Dan LP Pretzel Logic 74 NM MCA-1593
Rock Latin Santana LP Abraxas VG+ CBS Columbia PC 30130
Rock Pop Nilsson, Harry LP Nilsson sings Newman 70 VG+ RCA LSP-4289
Rock Pop Stevens, Cat LP Foreigner 73 VG A&M SP 4391
Rock Soul Isley Brothers LP Live It Up 74 VG+ CBS Epic T Neck X698
Rock Soul Preston, Billy LP It's My Pleasure 75 VG+ A&M SP 4532
Rock Soul Wonder, Stevie LP Songs in the Key of Life 76 VG+ Tamla T
Rock-Folk Phillips, Shawn LP 33 Bright White 73 NM A&M SP 4402
Rock-Folk Phillips, Shawn LP 33 Collaboration 71 NM A&M SP 4324
Rock-Folk Phillips, Shawn LP 33 Faces 69 NM A&M SP 4363
Rock-Folk Phillips, Shawn LP 33 Second Contribution 70 NM A&M SP 3128
Rockabilly Pitney, Gene LP The Many Sides of Gene Pitney VG, F Musicor
Soul 100 Proof Aged in Soul 45 Somebody's Been Sleeping / I've Come to
Save You VG+ 6 Hot Wax HS 7004
Soul 5th Dimension, The 45 Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In VG+ 8 PS 10
Liberty Soul City 772
Soul 5th Dimension, The 45 Magic Garden / Carpetman VG+ Liberty Soul
City 762
Soul 5th Dimension, The 45 Sweet Blindness / Bobbie's Blues VG+ Liberty
Soul City 768
Soul Afrique 45 Soul Makossa / Hot Mud VG+ Mainstream MRL 5542
Soul Channel, Bruce 45 Mr. Bus Driver / It's Me VG+ Mala 579
Soul MFSB, The 3 Degrees, Thom Bell 45 TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)
/ Something For Nothing 73 VG+ Philadelphia International ZS7-3540
Soul Thomas, Rufus 45 Do The Push and Pull - Parts I & II 70 VG+ Stax
Soul Wilson, Al 45 The Snake / Gettin' Ready for Tomorrow VG+ Soul City
Soul - African Dibango, Manu 45 Soul Makossa (The Original Version) /
Lily 72 VG+ Atlantic 45-2971


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