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1 1st May 23:53
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Default FA: U.S. Civil War, Span-Am War Father/Son Do***ent Grouping

U.S. Civil War, Span-Am War Father/Son Do***ent Grouping

The following are three original military war do***ents to a father and son
whose service included the Civil War and the Spanish American War. There are
also 2 old film copies of the discharge papers. The do***ents include:
1) The first is a military discharge do***ent presented by the Governor of
the State of Ohio to Ogias A. Brainard (a member of the Squirrel Hunters)
who served in the Civil War. It is dated March 4th, 1863. Brainard was from
Lucas County, Ohio. The do***ent states (.who responded to the call of the
Governor and went to our Southern Border to repel the invaders, and who will
be known in history as the Squirrel Hunters..certificate of your service).
It goes on to say (..for the gallant services of yourself and the other
members of the corps of patriotic Squirrel Hunters, rendered in September
last, Ohio, our dear State, would have been invaded by a band of pirates
determined to overthrow the best government on Earth, our wives and
children, would have been violated and murdered, and our homes plundered and

2) The next do***ent is a military discharge do***ent of Sgt. Hubert L.
Brainard (son of Ogias Brainard), for honorable service during the Spanish
American War. He was a Sgt. of Company M, 5th Regiment, of the Ohio Infantry
Volunteers who entered service April 26, 1898 for two years.

3) The third do***ent is Sgt. Hubert L. Brainards Military Record Do***ent
issued by the Ohio National Guard. After completing his 2-year military
service, Hubert entered the Ohio National Guard to serve an additional 5

4) The other two film copies are of Sgt. Huberts military discharge

All do***ents are in excellent condition and clearly legible. The edges have
wear due to age and handling, but no tears. This is a nice do***ent grouping
for further research.

To see pictures, please view at:
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