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1 9th August 08:45
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Default Selling Baseball Cards / 2 cents each

SHIPPING Via First Class Mail included !

Each additional lot of 100 cards is $ 2.00 extra up to 4 lots

I have been collecting baseball cards since I was 8 years old, I am 36 now. I
started out as a kid buying a pack here and there, flipping and trading with
friends. As I grew up I always had a dream of owning a baseball card store, so
as a ****ager I started to buy whatever I was able to afford. From local
garage sales, going out of business sales and going to estate auctions I have
aquired somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 300,000 cards, probably more.
I have cards that date as far back as the 1950's and as recent as 2000. Most
boxes have not been opened and looked through since they were purchased. So I
really have no idea of the exact contents.

Well that dream of owning a card shop never came to be. I have been storing
them in a storage facility for the past 6 years. Me and my wife decided {
more my wife than myself } that the monthly fee I am paying on storage for
the cards could be put to better use elsewhere.

The boxes I am starting with contain Topps, Donruss and Fleer cards from
1980 - 2002. The variety consists of star cards, mostly minor stars,
commons and a few rookies. I would say that 99.9 % of my collection is in
Good to Mint condition. I am not a card grader but the cards look great to me,
sharp corners and no markings.

I will be picking at random 100 cards and will place them in a self sealing
poly bag. I will do my very best not to include doubles. I will give a nice
assortment of cards.

This would be a nice set for a child to start out with, especially with todays
new baseball card packs selling at prices as high as 5.00 a pack. For $ 3.49
you will get 100 cards shipped to you in a bubble mailer via First Class Mail.
I will sell additional lots of 100 cards for only $ 2.00 per lot. To a maximum
of 5 lots total. Shipping costs a lot more after 500 cards due to the weight.
I will accept Pay Pal. I have been selling items on e bay for 5 years and I
have a good feedback rating. If you doubt my honesty please check me out on e
bay. My e bay ID is THE-GOOD-ADS-GUY

If you have any questions or concerns about this please feel free to e mail me
Use the subject heading

Thank you
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