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1 29th March 05:15
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Default Another Southwest Rapid Rewards, Vouchers Scammer, Crook aka Tom 323-319-4867

This guy goes by Tom with the phone 323-319-4867 and wants money wired
to Wells Fargo, E-cards for Circuit City, etc. He alludes to doing
business with Paypal customers, but has no Paypal account. Quite
simply...a CROOK! He is probably the same guy who is posted here...

Report him here..
Colleen Barrett, President SWA.. Email redacted,,

Here is his latest ad on Craigslists..


Reply to:
Date: 2007-07-10, 7:55AM EDT

I have Southwest Airlines voucher which is good for 1 round trip or 2
one-way trips for travel to any of Southwest Airlines' 60

I'm willing to sale it for $250

All I will need is you to provide me the following:

1. Passenger's Name
2. Departure City
3. Destination City
4. Travel Dates and Times
5. Flight Numbers
6. Your e-mail address where you will receive the Southwest Airlines
flight confirmation and itinerary

I will book the flight and notify you via e-mail with the confirmation
code and itineray. At that point you can change the reservation (date/
time/destination) at any time using the confirmation number.

please let me know soon

PS :

I need to send payment for some stuff that I need to buy from someone
on craigslist, so I need my payment wire to a wells fargo bank


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2 29th March 19:21
External User
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Default Richard Scoville at it again after coming out of retirement...

Speaking of "CROOK", how are you Richard?? In case anyone was
wondering, the poster of the above message is none other than Richard
Morton Scoville of San Antonio, Texas former disgraced proprietor of
the now defunct freespeechstore website. Google his name or
to get more info on this well-known internet k00k. He is nuts and not
to be
taken seriously.


papa cold as ice
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3 29th March 19:22
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Default Off Topic Posts By Canadian

Please stay out of with your hate and off topic
postings. You are not much of a sleuth, but quite a history of
perversion. This is the only search that members of this group need
do! Report him each time he enters this group. This is how his
Google Group profile for was banned.

(1) Marc Wigle Profile..many more deleted by Google. Note the last
are the off topic posts to this Group which should be reported!

(2) Google web search

(3) Google groups search

(4) History and reporting mechanisms for this guy.
(a) First report his off topic posts via Google here
(b) Here is a comprehensive reporting mechanisn

swaprivatei..unknown to you thank God!
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4 29th March 19:22
richard i piss my pants scoville
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Default Richard Scoville looking for his papa... (his)

Whatever you say Richard Scoville... how's your dad? A little stiff?
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