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1 7th May 20:10
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Default Herxheimer? (lamisil sciatica down flagyl tetracycline)

For the past few years, I have had symptoms similar to Leaky Gut
Syndrome, Food Allergies, IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida,
Fibromyalgia, etc. Recently I started on antibiotics and am noticing
that each dose causes the sciatica nerve to become strongly inflammed
and causes pain in the lower back that radiates down to the legs. Last
night, the entire nerve starting from the lower part of spine, behind
the hip bone, thru the back of the thigh muscle, along the exterior of
the calf, down to the ankle was tender/sore to deep massage. I now
suspect that I have had similar reaction to Lamisil, Pau D' Arco Tea
and garlic but since the pain was much milder, I never realized it was
eminating from the nerve and described it as restless legs. My question
is, why/how do antibiotics (flagyl + tetracycline), antifungals
(lamisil), Pau D' Arco Tea and garlic cause the nerve inflammation? Is
this the Herxheimer Effect?
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2 7th May 20:10
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Default Herxheimer? (heart diverticulitis fibromyalgia)

Jay -- I don't have all your answers but something seems to be going on
with certain antibiotics for example there is a younger lady not quite
a **** yet whose one of her neck lymph nodes began to swell -- far as I
was last told no fevers -- she was started on an antibiotic and her
neck lymph node grew much larger...

So far I'm doing ok with antibiotcs when I need them intravenously and
po for diverticulitis -- hoping you look at this as a possible adverse

Research holds all our answers
Praying for world peace
How does a human heart hurt so deeply and still survive is beyond ME

Enjoy the sunsets and sunrises,

Diana Saba
Retired Nurse
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May 12th Awareness Day

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Betrayal By the Brain:
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syndrome and related neural network disorders.
by Dr. Jay A Goldstein

CFSAC Meeting Presentation ~ June 21, 2004

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3 7th May 20:10
corrupticut queen
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Default Herxheimer? (neuropathy stroke heart exercise diabetic)

This means the nerve really is inflammed. You should leave
it alone. This happened to me, and a little while later I
blew out the entire vein. The whole length of my leg had
black and blue dots all the way up the back of my leg.
The nerve gave out that was holding the major vein together
(regulating the valves).

Once the nerve died, I was fine.

The surgeon said he would remove the damageed vein
and I said, "NO THANKS. I'll just exercise more."

This is what happens in Lyme. It's like diabetic
neuropathy. I thought I was going to lose my big
toe, too, later, because of the vascular blow out, but it too
recovered. Numb, but okay.

I think you should notify whoever is taking care of
you and watch it, because vascular leaks are only
okay for people who are, like, runners, and always
have been. Otherwise, you might dislodge a clot.

Which means a heart attack or stroke.

Kathleen I now
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4 7th May 20:10
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Default Herxheimer? (antibiotic)


After much blood work and no answers it was decided she had an
infection of her lymph nodes and that is what an antibiotic was

I'll try to follow up with more information when I know more...
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5 7th May 20:10
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Default Herxheimer? (bacteria)

The inflammation of nerves has diminished greatly even though I
continue to take antibiotics and so it may be Herxheimer Effect after
all. Supposedly endotoxins released from dying bacteria can be quite
inflammatory (and even deadly in some cases). I am wondering if
swelling of lymph nodes and leaking of blood from veins may also be
indirect results of taking antibiotics.

Is it ok to eat home-made sauerkraut (cabbage fermented by resident
lacto bacteria) during the antibiotic treatment or should I wait until
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6 7th May 20:11
usenet supreme commander chuck
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Default Herxheimer? (aspirin syphilis allergy antibiotic gastrointestinal)


Many patients who believe they have chronic Lyme disease are willing to
considerable discomfort in their effort to get rid of their symptoms.
behavior is fostered by the misguided belief that antibiotic therapies
are not
working unless they make the patient feel worse. These patients
typically refer
to this condition as "herxing," a colloquial term for the
(J-H) reaction. This reaction is an acute response thought to be caused
by a
sudden release of allergy-causing or toxic substances when certain
(most notably the spirochete that causes syphilis) are attacked with

About 10% of patients treated for early Lyme disease experience a J-H
involving chills, fever, muscle pains, rapid heartbeat, and slight
lowering of
blood pressure during the first 24 hours of antibiotic therapy. These
last for several hours, and require little more than aspirin and bed
rest. Yet
many Lyme newsgroup participants write about a "herx" beginning days or
after the start of antibiotic therapy, and "herxing" for weeks at a
time --
often in a cyclic fashion." Herxing" events have even been likened to
"exorcism" that is "a necessary evil to be endured." Some of these
patients are
likely to be suffering from the side effects of their inappropriately
prescribed antibiotics. It is also safe to assume that the mistaken
belief that
Lyme treatment involves temporary worsening will lead some people to
other illnesses. Neurological symptoms, blurred vision,
gastrointestinal upset,
vomiting, and palpitations, for example, should be reported to a
physician, not
posted on the Internet with a request for comments.
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