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1 25th June 04:20
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Default It's too quiet here, so...JeffPoll: Bugs and Things that Bug (personality allergic)

This is a charity poll. As in, I am feeling sorry for ASDF's pathetic
output lately, so purely out of charity, I'm pulling this poll out of
my ass.

1. How is the ant population around your house lately? I hadn't seen
an ant for months (well, not many anyway), and within the last week,
the little assholes are everywhere.

2. Are you scared of bees? Do you run away if one buzzes near you?
What do you do if a bee lands on you? (Yes, I know this question can
tilt strongly if the person is allergic or not)

3. Do you like the newer version of the Volkswagon Beetle?

4. Do any of your close friends have mannerisms or behavior patterns
that really irritate you? Do you assume it's just part of their
personality and leave it alone, or have you confronted your friend(s)
about this?

5. Did you know that most things that people attribute to spider bites
aren't? 99% of spiders in the world won't or can't bite you, and would
cause little damage if they did.

6. That having been said, have you ever had a close encounter with a
truly dangerous arachnid or insect? In places like Australia and South
America, this is a more likely event, though brown recluses and black
widows here in the US aren't much fun either.

7. Did you sign up for the "Do Not Call" anti-telemarketing list? Did
you know that it may not matter at all since the telemarketing
coalition is a powerful lobbying group and is suing to prevent its

8. Ever suspect that your house is bugged (i.e. phone tapped,
listening/recording devices hidden, etc.)? How about your workplace?

tune no matter what the credit says unless both guys REALLY
contributed to the song):
a. Back in the USSR
b. Girl
c. Norwegian Wood
d. Taxman
e. Help!
f. Hard Day's Night
g. Got To Get You Into My Life
h. In My Life
i. A Day In the Life
j. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

That's it, peeps.

- Jeff
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2 25th June 04:21
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Default It's too quiet here, so...JeffPoll: Bugs and Things that Bug

x-no-archive: yes

Hi Jeff!

Haven't seen any lately, but about a month ago we had quite a swarm on the back
patio one day.

I'm mildly scared of them. I've had a few bad bites and once stepped on one,
with my bare feet, and had trouble walking for a week. Wasps bother me more
though; they're more obnoxious.

Yuck, no.

The guy I live with sometimes gets wound up and rants at some length about what
I consider really trivial stuff. When his voice takes on a certain tone and he
starts repeating things like "you know" and "OK," I'll think, hmm, it's going
to be a long evening.

I don't think this is going to change but at times I will say, "I don't think
that's a big enough issue to get so worked up about." Or, I'll actually engage
with him. Whatever I feel like at the time.



Yes! Woo!

Ah, ****.

Sometimes I wonder. My ex had his phone bugged for a while and they got some
good stuff and ever since then I've been a bit worried.

The other day I heard beeping on my line and thought about it.

Oops, sorry, don't know the Beatles well enough.

Are there any other singing bugs?

(and no,

Naomi D.
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3 30th June 01:17
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Default It's too quiet here, so...JeffPoll: Bugs and Things that Bug (cough allergic)

x-no-archive: yes

about fecking time.

hahaha... same here. Well we are heading into Spring in this part of
the world, so they are making there way through the grass and into the
kitchen a little earlier this year.

I'm allergic. I don't run, although I will if the stupid thing chases
me (this has happened and it followed me right into the house!).

I think it looks funny.

Actually this made me think. There is something that I would like to
confront one of my friends about, however I don't feel up to it at the moment.

Not over here mate! (watch where you put your bum especially in the warmer months)

One bite. Not sure what it was but I was fairly ill. Many close
encounters on clothes, in house, under seats, on hands, in garden. Mainly red-backs.

No I haven't but I do wish we had one going in Australia and that it was legit.

I have actually. *cough* ('nuff said, I was fairly whacked at the time)

I'll leave your final question to the professionals. Thanks Jeff. This
was fun as per.

Fish know.
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4 1st July 18:59
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Default It's too quiet here, so...JeffPoll: Bugs and Things that Bug

No ants. And no mosquitoes, thankfully.

Not scared. I normally don't run. As long as they keep away from my
face, I usually don't flinch.

At 6'3", 230 lbs., you'd be hard-pressed to talk me into one. I don't
pay much attention to VWs.

Few have mannerisms that really bug me. I seldom ever find it worth
making a fuss when they do.

Never heard much of anything attributed to spider bites around here.

No. But I did see one sort of mutated yellow jacket whose most prominent
feature was a 3 inch stinger--no exaggeration. Right here in North America.

Yes I did. They say that calls from charitable organizations and the
like won't be included, and I'm sure it won't stop a determined party
from getting around it somehow. But it's better than no measure and it's
free, so what the heck.

House, no. Work, I've wondered about it. It's hard to imagine why in my line of work, though.

While we're at it, feel free to give yourself points for
Lennon/McCartney anyway, since Paul McCartney has admitted that one of
them got for songs the other guy wrote, on some occasions.

Thank you for another fine poll!
Pinwheel *****
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5 1st July 19:00
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Default It's too quiet here, so...JeffPoll: Bugs and Things that Bug

Must of hurt.

Lot of the little buggers.

Nope bees love me bin stung couple hundred times.

Liked the old one better.

Yes, they are who they are I leave things alone. I irritate lots
of people. How can I give then advice when my own life is so screwed up.

Been stung by over 30 bees at one time. Hurt like hell. They seem
attracked to me.

No, my life is to boring to bug.

Don't know.
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6 8th July 12:46
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Default It's too quiet here, so...JeffPoll: Bugs and Things that Bug

None inside but several mounds of nasty fire ants outside.

Slowly move it off of me, using whatever's closest.

Yes, but Consumer Reports says they're unreliable.

Depends on the spider. I've had a few nasty bites that took a long time to heal.

Not that I'm aware of.

yes (before asking s/o, who preferred being left off another government list)

nope, but it figures.

yes - not too far fetched really

George Harrison. But I only knew that because of the hearing bios clips after
he died.
"Those who are enjoying something, or suffering something
together, are companions." --C.S. Lewis
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