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1 27th March 02:32
damon harvey
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Default Promising New Asthma Medications - What You Need to Know BeforeTaking Them

There is good and bad news when it comes to asthma. The bad news is
more people suffer from asthma with each year that passes and the
number of asthmatics continues to grow. The good news is that modern
medicine continues to come-up with new, effective drugs to deal with
asthma. However, not all new asthma medications are the answer for
About New Asthma Medications
Some patients, and doctors too, are so excited when a new medication
becomes available that they want to take (or prescribe in the case of
the doctors) the drug right away. You can't blame them. What they
actually want is the positive effects that the drug will bring.
However, sometimes a drug will get approved and then later on it will
be found to have other negative effects. In fact, three asthma
medications were found recently to have the potential to cause severe
asthma attacks.
Some Medications May Cause Harmful Effects
Just a couple years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
shocked many asthma patients by coming out with a warning about three
asthma medicines. These drugs are known as beta-antagonists (or
LABAs). Basically what they do is relax the muscles around the lung's
airways so that asthma attacks don't occur as frequently....

Natural Asthma Treatment:
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