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1 4th April 12:20
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Default Steroid Nasal Sprays Comparison?

Please note--this thread is only about steroid nasal sprays, that have brand
names in the US like Rhinocort, Nasalcort, Flonase, Nasonex, Vancenase,
Beconase, Nasarel, etc. (Quite likely different brand names in other
countries.) Please don't discuss other types of nasal spray in this thread,
such as antihistamine sprays (Astelin), decongestant sprays (Afrin, etc.),
Atrovent nasal spray, saline moisturizing sprays, the latest magical herbal
cure-all spray from the health food store ,etc. (Nothing against any of
those sprays, some of which I use myself. Just write about them in a
different thread. This thread is about the cortisone (steroid) nasal

Most doctors will say there is no difference between them, they all work
about the same. I'm sure that is generally true, but I'm still curious to
hear if anyone who has used more than one of these has found that one works
better for him or her in reducing symptoms than the others do. If so, please
describe the differences.

(Once more, not a comparison of any or all of these with a different kind of
nasal spray, or a pill, etc. Only comparing different brands of cortisone
nasal spray, if you have used more than one. Thank you.)
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