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1 9th August 05:52
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?


I've been lurking in this group for the past couple of weeks and found
the info very useful. Thanks to all who take the trouble to share their
experiences and knowledge and to suggest reference material.

I am 52 years old (next week).

I had a PSA test a few weeks ago after a colonoscopy (for another
condition!) revealed an enlarged prostate.

PSA 10.4
I am scheduled for a TRUS & biospy on Jan 19

I'd be interested to hear from any Aussies in this group, you all semm
to be in US?

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2 9th August 05:52
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?

hi dave - yes, you do have men down under. A.W. is one i know of, but i
haven't seen him post for a few weeks. we have some in perth and other
locations as well as england, india, italy, canada just to name a few.

the ones in america seem to be the most active posting, but you
certainly are welcome to join in. hope your 10.4 is because of BPH and
not to pca.

here's to another dave - cheers (clink!)

~ curtis

knowledge is power - growing old is mandatory - growing wise is optional
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3 9th August 22:50
steve kramer
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?

Not long ago, someone asked the group to provide their locality of
residence. As I recall, we had two from Australia at that time, half a
dozen from Canada, and some from the UK, Italy, Ireland, A....... (dammit,
the Lupron, bottom of S. America....), and even one from Indonesia.

I hope you do not have the qualifications to join the group. BHP is much
better than Prostate Cancer.

Prostate Cancer Survivor (so far), not a doctor
PSA 16 10/17/2000 @ 46
Biopsy 11/01/2000 G7 (3+4), T2c
RRP 12/15/2000
PSA .1 .1 .1 .3 .4 .8
EBRT 05-07/2002 @ 47
PSA .3 .2 .2 .2 .3
Erection 05/12/2003 @ 48
HTbegins 07/21/2003 @ 48
PSA .1
Lupron 7/03, 8/03, 12/03
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4 9th August 22:50
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?

Hey Dave.....I'm here is hot and summery Sydney, Australia. Can I help you
mate? My diagnosis was two years ago at age 51. Let me know if I can help
in any way !!!

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5 9th August 22:50
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?


Appreciate the response. Here a very hot and humid Townsville. Like I
said, biopsy Jan 19 then I don't get to see the doc again until Feb 13
(Friday 13th no less!)

What sort of treatemnt did you have, how'd it go etc? My email (if you'd
prefer) is (remove the obvious).

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6 12th August 09:46
ray walsh
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?


I'm in Perth.

Dx in Oct 2000. RRP Dec 2000. Age 60. PSA 4.8, Gleason 3+3. T1c. Clear
margins. Post op PSAs undetectable so far.

Please contact me if you feel I can help. Just remove "oscar." from the
email address:


Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
Version: 6.0.560 / Virus Database: 352 - Release Date: 8/01/2004
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7 12th August 09:47
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?

G'day Dave,

Yeah, not to many Aussie's on this ng, not sure why. Much smaller
population than the USA is the obvious reason but I would like to think that
we might just be a healthier race than our Yankee cousins. I am sure that
there are some comparative figures somewhere per head of population. I
don't think our older men have embraced computers as much as American older
men and that probably also has something to do with why we don't see too
many Aussies here on the ng.

I was actually diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago on my 51st birthday and had to
suffer, as you will, the remark at every clinical test that I was too young
for Prostate Cancer. I did not find this ng until after my surgery but I
did use the internet for all my research. It was amazing how much I learnt
in one week. It's amazing what you can do when your back is against the
wall, I could never recall information in an exam at school but I can sure
remember everything I have learnt.

My specialist was a Uro surgeon so obviously he had a bias towards surgery.
All the same it was surgery for me from the very start. I wanted to wake
from surgery and know what my chances were. I am not going to say anymore
than that about treatment as you need to make up your own mind.

At decision time I just wanted the cancer gone and did not care less about
the consequential erectile dysfunction. I still would not have it any other
way but the ED has got me down over time but I am happy to say that things
are certainly on the improve now.

My prognosis is good and the cancer remains undetectable to the PSA test.

If there are any specifics please do not hesitate to ask. I have sent you
an email so you also have my email address.

Sydney, Australia
Diagnosed at 51
Date of Surgery 13.08.2001
Pre surgery PSA 4.7, Gleason score 3+4=7, Stage T2B
One nerve bundle spared
No evidence of capsular penetration and no perineural nor vascular invasion
Post surgery PSA <0.01
After approx 24 months 10ml Cialis once per week provides two or three days
with quite workable erection
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8 15th August 08:48
External User
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Default Any Aussies here?

G'day Alan,

Thanks for the reply, I've been away for a few days so didn't respond
sooner. I have my TRUS & biopsy tomorrow, not particularly looking
forward to it but need to know of course. Will have to wait 'til Feb 13
before I get to see the uro.
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