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1 26th June 05:18
dwight ringdahl
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Default Curing Molecules Found (cancer)

Most people are unaware of the computing power required to find cures
for diseases like Cancer, HIV and MS.

Check out
And the research that the University of Oxford has done:

Having had and known people who have fought cancer and Aids (HIV), this
seems like a great project for all to join and help cure it before we
die from it. Look at, this
application is one of the worlds leading sources for chemist to find
molecules which fight these diseases. By using your computer when you
don't, it looks to solve complex problem associated with electrical
bonds and molecules. This is known as a distributed computing solution.

To assist in this effort, please follow the instructions below:

Download software from Find-A-Drug.Org : http://www.find-a- (windows) or http://www.find-a- (linux)

Run the install, it will ask for a nickname you can use mine DRingdahl
or make one up for yourself. It will then ask for your Email, use mine or use your own. (if you use your own, you will need
to open your email and respond to several questions).

This will then run setup. When done, currently it will download updates
as needed, and work units for the solution. You will then see a light
blue and dark blue icon in your tool tray (bottom right side of computer
screen) and probably a molecule being worked. Right click the icon, then
move to setup and left click once. That will bring you to the setup, at
this point click on the 'General' tab, and enter 2039 for the team
number. That is Team Anandtech ( a great website for tech issues and
bleeding edge computers) Also change the Think
Graphics to Hidden, so you won't have to see the molecule that is being
worked over on the screen.

This program runs in a nice mode (stops as soon as you need the cpu)
mode. It will not slow down your computer, spam your computer or give
out any info. This is a legit project from several well know sponsors
like Intel and Oxford.

Please install this to help us cure these plagues with affect our daily


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