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1 18th March 11:14
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Default goofy tymes

hi folks - to put a little humor into a dark subject, some of the jokes
may not quite be on subject, but we can definitely identify with them.

if you see a header labelled goofy tymes and you don't like the content,
then skip over it please.

if everyone is in agreement, then i'll post something from time to time.
if not, this will be the last one. but at least, i'm willing to try -
that's me.

so without further to do-----------

this time it is the now and then generation

then: long hair.
now: longing for hair.

then: Keg
now: EKG

then: acid rock
now: acid reflux

then: moving to California because it's cool
now: moving to California because it's hot

then: you're growing pot
now: your growing pot

then: watching john glenn's historic flight with your parents
now: watching john glenn's historic flight with your kids

then: trying to look like marlon brando or elizabeth taylor
now: trying not to look marlon brando or elizabeth taylor

then: seeds & stems.
now: roughage

then: popping pills, smoking joints
now: popping joints

then: paar
now: AARP

then being caught with Hustler magazine
now: being caught by Hustler magazine

then: killer weed
now: weed killer

then: hoping for a BMW
now: hoping for a BM

then: the grateful dead
now: Dr Kevorkian

then: getting out to a new, hip joint
now: getting a new hip joint

then: giving the establishment the finger
now: the establishment giving you the finger (DRE)

low psa's to everyone and have a happy

~ curtis

knowledge is power - growing old is mandatory - growing wise is optional
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