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I (think I) figured out how to get rid of incontinent living, and incontinence (I hope) . . . - Mombu the Medicine Forum
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1 20th July 11:35
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Default I (think I) figured out how to get rid of incontinent living, and incontinence (I hope) . . .

It's better to try to get your PFM's to work naturally; they don't
seem to respond as well when you try to control them directly (e.g.,
by clamping down). The natural approach is this: when you are at the
point when your muscles hold fluid fairly well without intervention
(e.g., while sitting or lying down) but this doesn't work when you're
standing up and walking, TRY THIS: practice getting up consciously,
not disturbing the natural muscle contraction that occurred while you
were sitting or lying down. Stand and walk around a bit and feel the
same level of contraction in this new position. When you do this you
are training your PFM's to act the way you want them to when you are
upright. If instead you get up and don't think about the contraction,
and feeling of it, while your bladder was retaining fluid from muscle
activity, the muscles will do something different, like just letting
go and relaxing. As you practice the aforementioned procedure, the
muscles will respond better during standing and walking, and work
better - you will have less leaking upright. I think it has as much to
do with training a desirable nerve response than a build up of
muscles. I've noticed that when I get up in the morning the muscles
are particularly constricted, and this of course happened naturally
during the night. It is a good idea to first sit on the edge of the
bed, think about how the muscles feel, and try to retain this as you
stand up and walk (to the toilet?). Over time you will be able to
delay the need to get to the toilet (i.e., retaining more standing up
and walking). My experience with Kegels is: 1) they don't seem to help
very much (at least you don't see much of a direct response to doing
them), and 2) they are dangerous if you overdo them (I think it took
me a year or more to get continent because I overdid them early on,
and after gaining relative continence a year after RRP, and having it
for three months thereafter, I lost it for a period of eight weeks or
so after an overly aggressive Kegel session one night - it took me
eight weeks to get back to where I was prior to the aggressive Kegel
session, and of course it was hugely discouraging). If you think about
this "natural" theory, and get in sync with it, I think it will help.
And you have to be persistent and perceptive, you may only see very
subtle changes from month to month, but the subtle qualitative
improvements tells you you are going in the righ direction. If you
don't remember where you were a month ago you may not have the PMA and
guidance necessary to succeed.
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