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1 18th February 15:24
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Default Incontinence standing

I will soon be seven weeks post-op, RRP August 1, 2003. I feel good
and believe I am doing well. I am happy to be more physically active
and past the "don't lift more than a few pounds" stage. I have made
progress toward regaining continence. I have not been wearing pads
today and having no leakage problem. I am around the house and yard
and working hard. Late in the day when tired I will wear a pad just in
case. I can cut the grass, dig in the garden, lift bags of mulch and
soil, sneeze, ride my bike, etc. without a problem. These include
activities that, from what I read, are likely to cause leakage.
However, I have noticed over the last few weeks that my greatest
difficulty with control is when simply standing. Going shopping and
standing on hard floors, meeting neighbors on a walk and standing
still talking a few minutes, standing out on the boat fishing,
standing in my workshop, etc. are all a bit of a problem (drip, drip,
drip...). I must have the pads when potentially exposed to such
cir***stances. It is almost as though I think about it too much then.
Is this unusual? Is there any thing I can do to address this? Is this
another one of those "just give it time" things?

Steve M
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2 18th February 15:25
steve kramer
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Default Incontinence standing

I have a wake-up call now and then when standing while imbibing. But fairly
dry when just standing.

Steve Kramer
PSA 16 10/17/2000 @ 46
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Erection 05/12/2003 @ 48
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3 19th February 13:47
david s.
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Default Incontinence standing

Hi Steve:
You probably know that my case is very different. Although I have never
wet the bed, otherwise I drip drip drip all the time. Sometimes when I get
up after sitting for awhile, if I go straight to the bathroom, I have a more
or less normal void, i.e., urine has ac***ulated in the bladder. However,
in normal activity I still am going through five or more pads a day. I do
not wait for them to start leaking before changing, but rather go by the
weight. When it is heavy, and I can feel it pulling down my underpants, I
know it is time to make a change.
In the bible (Walsh's book), it says that continence will return first
when laying down, then sitting, and finally when standing. Sounds to me
like you are just in the final stage of getting back to your new "normal",
and will just have to give it more time. From what I have read here and
elsewhere, it is possible to have some minor leakage forever. I think the
book says that after a year and a half that will be as good as it will ever
get. For impotence, four years! We have a long way to go for either of
Have you heard anything more on getting the Viagra covered by insurance?
I ordered more today, and at some point soon I will start taking some every
day (or did he tell you not to take it more than a couple times a week?).
Also, if you don't mind me asking, did you ask about other options, i.e.,
injections or the pump? I just wondered what he said, if anything.
Hope you make it through the storm okay tomorrow. Tell me more about
the fishing?
Thank you.
David S.
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4 19th February 13:47
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Default Incontinence standing

It's still very early for you. I went 6 months before drying up. I still
squirt a bit when I sneeze, but I can live with that.... it's all better
than having cancer.

JK Sinrod NY
Sinrod Stained Glass
Coney Island Memories
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