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1 27th March 04:54
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Default Painful urination

Had my RRP on Oct 26 and catheter removed Nov 11. Have been taking an
antibiotic since removal prescribed by my uro (says everyone has some
bladder inflamation after catheter).

Since the catheter was removed it has been painful to urinate -- pain
seems to eminate from the urethra close to the end of the penis. Its
a burning sensation. I have tried drinking lots of water but this has
not stopped it -- only reduced the pain a little. Normal bowel
movements. No fever. I have now concluded the antibiotics.

Is it normal to have this burning pain? If so, how long will it

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2 27th March 04:54
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Default Painful urination

It is possible that the catheter abraded or otherwise damaged the meatus
when it was removed (I know mine was torn somewhat and left some
scarring.) The pain was short lived, the scarring is still diminishing
the flow to a degree.
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3 27th March 14:50
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Default Painful urination

Pain and burning in the urethra is from the trauma of the catheter.
Like any injury it needs time to heal and it will...keep drinking
water, take the meds and hang in. I remember this when my catheter
was removed. Don't recall how long it took to be pain-free (and it
was only in May).

Best regards,

Chuck H.
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4 27th March 14:50
david s
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Default Painful urination

I did not have that after the RRP and catheter removal, but I did
experience what you describe after my surgery for gall bladder removal. The
first time I tried to urinate I thought I would go through the ceiling. I
had a catheter in during surgery, but it was out when I woke up. I am
convinced that they did some damage when it was inserted. After a couple
days it went away by itself.
Hope you get over that real soon. I understand.
Good luck.
Thank you.
David S.
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5 27th March 14:50
External User
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Default Painful urination

Hi Bruce,
While it is not "normal", it is not unusual to have some discomfort
after catheter removal. I had some tenderness and swelling about
midway up the shaft for about 3-4 weeks after removal. No
sharp/burning pain urinating but still of concern. The urethra is
pretty delicate and ramming a tube up there can cause abrasions and
the slightly acidic urine can cause burning. A call to the doc will
ease your concerns but I bet he'll say it's normal and to call him if
it doesn't go away in a week or two or gets worse.
Dave Perry
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6 27th March 14:51
External User
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Default Painful urination

hi bruce - in answer to your question as to how long you will have the
pain, i can't say. but, having multiple experiences with the catheter
now, i can share with what has happened to me.

first, time with the RP, after the catheter was pulled, i, too, had the
antibiotics and don't remember much pain with the overall experience.

second time, involved the stretching of the scar tissue and i pulled
that catheter out at home. but when i would have to go, the pain was
extreme. nothing like the first time. and even though it did get
better on each passing day, it still hurt. i wondered why and was told
it was due to the stretching of the urethra and how sensitive the tissue

third time, involved the cutting of the scar tissue and i, again, pulled
that catheter out at home. but this time, i had worn it almost a week
and didn't have that much pain with it afterwards.

hope this information helps.

if your doctor says, don't worry about it, then just go with the flow.
he's the one who has seen the extremes of people and how they react to
the catheters. i would, however, keep him updated though.

~ curtis

knowledge is power - growing old is mandatory - growing wise is optional
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7 28th March 06:49
External User
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Default Painful urination

Hi Curtis,

Thx for the info.

I am wondering what are the symptoms you experienced that indicate
that stretching/cutting of scar tissue may be required?

I think I might be a candiadate as I experience a frequent need to go
at times (last nite every hour) -- but other times I can go 3-4 hours
at a time w/o the need to go. I also experience extreme urgency when
I enter the bathroom - its really wierd: I can feel the need to go
w/o any urgency but when I get to the bathroom I can't get to the
toilet fast enuf! The third thing is that my stream is very weak --
it just dribbles out and I don't seem to be able to push any more.

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8 28th March 15:53
External User
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Default Painful urination

hi bruce - my scarring started showing up about 6 to 8 weeks after
surgery. i had the RP done on 4 -15 and by the end of june i had
contacted the urology dept and was seen shortly after that. the problem
is - my health care system - the gov't, allows the surgeon to come in
every other week. so even after he saw me, it was over 2 weeks at the
earliest to get the surgery needed. it was late july when they did it.

afterwards, it did straighten up and i thought i was out of the woods,
but 3 weeks later, i was as bad, if not worse than before. we are
talking mid august by now and i called the urology dept and get in to
see the surgeon by the first part of sept. we wanted to do the
procedure at scott instead of the va hospital and that means they (va)
have to set up for a transfer on paper for me to go over. they got
upset because he wanted to do it in 22 days and it normally takes 30
days at least. i walked all the necessary paperwork through and the
surgeon hand carried the paperwork with him to scott.

i had the last surgery done on sept 30th and it is over - finally. i am
as i was before i had surgery, in fact a lot better. a lot stronger
stream, and none of that urgency to gotta go, gotta go.

if you have the feeling that you have a sudden urgency onset of that
gotta go feeling, i would say look at the possibility of scarring inside
at the RP site. the lesions attach themselves to the bladder walls and
as the bladder starts to fill up, it pulls on the walls and causes a
false signal for that urgency. all they do is go up and cut the lesions
loose and free everything up.

i was told by the surgeon at the very beginning that i had a 15% chance
of possible scarring. it looks like he should have told me that i had

if you have more questions or concerns, you can write me direct.

i posted quite a bit at the newsgroup quite a bit about what was
happening to me and out of courtesy to the newsgroup, i don't they want
to relive it.

it was not a very pleasant experience on that part, but did have a happy
ending and looking back, would go through all over again, to be where i
am at today.

~ curtis

ps - here are some of my symptoms.

i never had over 90 minutes of rest - day or night, before i would have
the urgency to go to the bathroom.

i have gone to the bathroom as often as 16 times in less than 4 hours.
this is without taking in any water. it was suppose to be my sleep

my stream was weaker than it was when i had BPH.

i went from no urgency at all to extreme urgency to go in less than 5
minutes. made driving a car in 5 o'clock traffic jams a challenge.

it would take a lot of effort to push even to get a stream going and a
continued effort to keep it going.

the stream would stop and start as i got tired of pushing. when i
thought i was done. i could push again and get another ounce or two out
with no trouble and it was common to do so.

if you have the above symptoms, i will offer you the end result. now, i
have no urgency, a full easy flow stream, no pushing to keep it going,
when i'm done, i'm done - no urine left in the bladder.

time yourself. if you are taking over a minute, then it might suggest
you have a problem. i was taking up to 3 minutes to use the bathroom.
now, it take less than 30 seconds.

hope all this information helps.

~ curtis

knowledge is power - growing old is mandatory - growing wise is optional
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9 28th March 15:53
External User
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Default Painful urination

Thx, Curtis.

I have some, but not all the symptoms you mention. Then again, I am
only 4 weeks post op (as of tomorrow). I guess I'll wait and see how
things develop.

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10 11th April 08:10
External User
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Default Painful urination

I'd just like to add that there are over-the-counter medicines that will reduce or nearly eliminate the pain. I recently bought some tablets labeled, "Urinary Pain Relief", and they did help. They don't fix the problem but they do provide temporary relief from the discomfort.
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