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1 3rd April 22:07
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Default Salivary gland tumor (tumor)


I would like to know about the various treatments that were available
for Salivary gland tumor, medically known as Pleomorphic Adenoma
Parotid Gland.

My mother has got this tumor and she has just got a little bulge below
her ears and what are the various treatment available for the tumor.

Thank you.

Prabhu Ram Prasath
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2 3rd April 22:07
External User
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Default Salivary gland tumor (tumor cancer benign)

Pleomorphic adenomas are normally benign mixed cell tumors, although there
have been reported malignancies. You did not say if your Mom's was benign
or malignant, but here is a number of articles that mention both:
olean=and&book=all&maxhits=100&HiddenURL=&query=pl eomorphic%20adenoma

You may need to cut and paste that entire URL into your browser if you can
not click on it to arrive to the page.
Take Care, Sharon Lane
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3 3rd April 22:07
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Default Salivary gland tumor (tumor benign)
The treatment of pleomorphic adenoma is essentially surgical. Though these
benign tumours are apparently well encapsulated, resection of the tumour
with an adequate margin of grossly normal surrounding tissue is necessary
to prevent local recurrence as these tumours are known to have microscopic
pseudopod like extension into the surrounding tissue due to "dehiscences"
in the false capsule [9]. Spiro reported a recurrence in 7% of 1342
patients with benign parotid neoplasms and 6% of patients with benign
minor salivary gland tumours [1]. It is logical to infer that the
recurrence rate would be higher after surgery for parapharyngeal tumour of
similar histology, as a wide resection may not be possible at the site due
to proximity of vital structures. Postoperative radiotherapy to the
parapharyngeal space could possibly reduce the recurrence rate in such
tumours [10].

Pleomorphic adenoma arising de novo in the parapharyngeal space is of rare
occurrence. High index of suspicion and an adequate clearance of the
tumour with a cuff of surrounding dispensable normal tissues is the key to
successful treatment of such tumours[]
What is it?
Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common salivary tumour, and is most common
in the parotid gland. They are slow growing and well demarcated tumours
which contain mucoid, chondroid, osseous, and myxoid elements.

Signs & Symptoms
Patients typically have a firm mass anterior to the ear. It is non-tender
and does not fluctuate in size. Overlying skin is normal.

Physical exam including:

Palpate the glands (rounded mass palpable)
Use bimanual palpation in the floor of the mouth

CT scan or MRI
Fine needle aspiration biopsy

Superficial parotidectomy for parotid pleomorphic adenomas
Excise whole submandibular gland if tumour located there

I'm not a doctor, I just find the best web sites (I can find) for various

Maybe you should go with her and talk with the surgeon about how involved
it is, whether there's symptoms, what the risks are etc.., then ask about
radiation therapy?
J - not a doctor
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4 3rd April 22:08
tom mastin
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Default Salivary gland tumor (tumor)

J's answer is right on the button. I had an enlarged parotid gland, it was
removed. This was in 1990. After the surgery and before closing the surgeons
stimulated the
facial nerve that is surrounded by the parotid gland, the setting was on the
probe was too
high. The nerve had not been damaged by the operation, but for about 3
months I had
what appeared to be Bell's palsy. It went away but I still have a numbness
on that side
of my face which has gradually gotten less over the years. The surgeons
profusely, they were the chief and chief resident of the Head an Neck Clinic
in the hospital.
Since it was the parotid taken out I have a little bit dry mouth and an
unusual sweating that
occurs sometimes just in front of the ear. This happens even in cold
weather. I was 66 at the time
and was in the hospital 2 days if I remember correctly. Actually one of the
easiest surgeries I've had.
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5 7th April 10:32
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Default Salivary gland tumor (tumor)

Surgery is the only good treatment if it is growing.
If it's small and growing slowly, and she is old, it could be watched.
Radiotherapy is sometimes given post op
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