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1 27th September 14:46
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Default Testosterone Levels (cancer prostatectomy prostate cancer thyroid)

I am 58 years old and have just recently undergone a radical
prostatectomy ( 10/03 ). I had started TRT therapy ( injections ) late
summer 03 which lead to the discovery of the prostate cancer after my
primary physician did a digital rectal exam. At the beginning of the
TRT therapy my testosterone level was 316. After the surgery it had
dropped to 291 and most recently it came in at 247.

I was never taking any hormone suppressants for the prostate cancer so
this drop seems to be tied to something else. My urologist keeps telling
me that the number is within the normal range as does my primary. What
little research I can find suggests that 247 is normal ..... for a male
in the 75-80 year age category or there bouts. As my thyroid is also
screwed up I'm heading to a endocrinologist soon to try to get it all
straightened out.

I'm not asking for a "fountain of youth" but I just to get up to a more
normal level. The difference in quality of life after just earlier 3
TRT treatments and now is amazing. I was feeling "normal" after the
injections and now I feel like crap again ( all the time )!! I know that
TRT therapy this soon after surgery will be an uphill battle with the
uro-doc but I'm just really looking for info. at this point.

What I'm looking for is research that delineates what the generally
accepted *normal* testosterone levels are for someone my age and not the
reference levels ( 827 - 241 ) given on the blood test results. Any
direction or personal experience will be appreciated.

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