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1 8th May 02:19
caesar j. b. squitti
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Default The missing link ? Statistics that tell a truth ! (bacteria)

The missing link ? Statistics that tell a truth !

Back some 20 years ago I undertood a project to examine a variety of
illnesses that might cause specific disease symptoms; one disease in
particular was Lyme's Disease.

This disease is caused by the bite of deer tick that sends the
infection and its many toxins into the human body with a variety of
symtposm. I looked at the incidence of this disease in the area, and
found that not one case had been reported; not one case.

Not one case ? How could that be ? We have deer in Ontario, and my
examination of the neighboring United States revealed that Lyme's
Disease was quite rampant.

Were the deer not crossing the border, because of not having the
appropriate papers ? Hardly, the only logical explanation would be
that we in Canada were not testing for it. Which leads me to the point
of this article.

Recently my investigations into other parasitic diseases, common
diseases like Giardia, one of the most common in North America
revealed to me that the tests to prove the existance of this infection
often require multiple tests, sometimes 4-5 tests to prove that you do
not have this particular infection. (not to mention the other hundreds
of other parasites that must be specifically identified prior to

Given the complexity and difficulty of testing for common parasitic
bacteria, the next question that must be asked is how many of todays
illnesses, or symptom packages, are in fact complications caused by
the overlooked parasitic infections that are so difficult to find,
diseases such as I.B.S., Crohns, MS, Schizophrenia, and even some
forms of Cancer ?

Caesar J. B. Squitti

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