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1 8th July 13:08
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Default Sweden Condems Amalgam

Before you do, please take a look at the type of responses you will get.

Note the lies.


A site making money on people's fear of Hg poisoning. Just a dental office in Nepal.

An Australian dentist with a really bad wig. Trying to make money on
people's fear of Hg poisoning.

A letter written to Dr. Huggins, with no proof it was ever mailed. The
dental links on the home page lead to a Dr. Nara's web page. They sell
books on th evils of Hg in dentistry.

Web page of Dr. Shankland who is selling books. He likes to quote Dr.
Price's research from 1918 and ignore all the research since then.

An anedotal report by some lay-person who bought a book by Dr. Meinig and
hopes you will buy one his books too.

A web site that just sells a book.

An adverti*****t for Melisa Medica Foundation selling (guess what?)
disguised as some unfortunate souls suffering personal story.

Adverti*****t for the Blazing Tattles Newsletteer (they sell this) once
again disquised as a story.

Another adverti*****t for Dr. Meining's book.

Another link to the Nepal dental office.

Dr, Meining again.

Link to a dental office with a legal disclaimer section two pages long

A link to asome guy's dental office who has no idea of current dental thinking.

Guess what? A site to sell books.

This guy is selling a special diet.

Link to a dental office in the UK which sells,,,,,,,,,,,, did you guess? A

Now I see why I prefer to filter ja. dre.. posts

PLEASE, any lay people reading this, understand this lady/man/posting
program refered to as ja. dre. and a bunch of numbers reminiscent of
Disney's Stitch character,,,,,, lies,,,, and tries to get you to spoil your
health and spend all your money on bogus treatment which NOT improve your
health in any way.
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