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Why won't my dentist pull my teeth and let me get dentures? - Mombu the Medicine Forum
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1 8th June 07:41
roy brown
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Default Why won't my dentist pull my teeth and let me get dentures?


I don't know if you will consider my answer since I am a Denturist. All I do
is dentures, I don't drill, fill or pull. Most of dentistry is trying to
save your teeth, your gums and your bone. When dentistry has failed to do
that then I am stuck working with what is left.

First of all, from the day you lose a tooth until the day you die the bone
that used to support that tooth shrinks away. The denture that was made
today will no longer fit in a few years. 30 or 40 years from now you may not
have much bone left to keep the denture from sliding around, your
medications will affect your saliva which will affect your denture
retention. Top that off with one or more of the neuromuscular problems that
affect the geriatric population and you will start praying for some miracle
to help you use the dentures the way you could back when you first got them.

If you are having your teeth pulled, the way your dentist suggested is a
good start. Pulling some of the teeth, will let you get used to wearing
something while your gums and bone heal. This allows you to use some of your
remaining teeth as anchors. Some time down the road you can have more teeth
pulled and added to the denture. This is called a transitional technique,
because it allows you a transition from your own teeth to the final complete

If you think that once you have your dentures you are done, think again.
Dentures are made to last 5-8 years without major servicing. You will be
forking out $$$ for repairs, relines and new dentures for the rest of your
life. You should actually start thinking about getting implants now since
recent studies have shown they actually increase bone density.

Even I try to get my patients to keep their teeth, because not only is it
better for them, it makes my job a lot easier down the road. If you really
want all your teeth pulled, hunt around and you will eventually find someone
to do it. I wish I had the time to forewarn you of all the negative aspects
of having all your teeth pulled, but then I would have to charge you a
consult fee.

DotSeaEh is .ca

| Why does he sound like a good dentist? I have nothing in my mouth that
| is any good, especially my gums. His way will cots me tens of thousands
| of dollars, where extraction's will cost me a fraction of that. I kinda
| figured all of you dentists would bond together, however I thought there
| might be one dentist who would give me an opposing view to my dentists.
| You guys have made me more skeptical of dentists then ever before. It
| has reinforced my feelings that you guys are after us for our money.
| After all, why would you enter into this field, because you enjoy
| ripping out peoples teeth? Not one dentist answered my original
| questions. Everybody showed their guilt by attacking me for insinuating
| that a dentist may have his financial concerns ahead of his professional
| concerns. How dare me for thinking that! It could never happen!!!
| This was the original reason I went 25 years without dental care.
| Barry
| Joel M. Eichen D.D.S. wrote:
| > He sounds like a good dentist!
| >
| >
| >
| >>On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:31:44 GMT, Barry Pullen <> wrote:
| >
| >
| >> I have a problem and I hope somebody here can help me. I am
| >>ashamed to say that I haven't seen a dentist in the past 25 years, until
| >>last week. Needless to say, my teeth are badly chipped, broken,
| >>decaying, stained, crooked and just plain ugly. I am missing 3 teeth
| >>that just rotted out of my head. My front teeth are extremely crooked
| >>on the top, plus I have one chipped front tooth, 3 other decaying front
| >>teeth, including these extra "fangs" that grew in and are responsible
| >>for my crooked teeth.
| >> After years of procrastination and pain I decided to get my teeth
| >>pulled and get dentures. It took a lot for me to muster up the courage
| >>to make the appointment and actually show up, but I did.
| >> My dentist is a really nice guy who helped to alleviate all my
| >>fears and I feel very comfortable with him. Now here is my dilemma. He
| >>will only pull 6 teeth, leaving me with a total of 9 missing. He
| >>refuses to pull them all, even the crooked chipped ones in the front. I
| >>do want a couple teeth on the bottom saved to anchor the lower denture.
| >> Most of the remaining teeth have cavities that need to be filled. My
| >>gums are also receding and frequently bleed, even when not brushing my
| >>teeth. He knows about all of these problems. I am in my upper forties
| >>and just want to get this over with, not turn it into a weekly trip to
| >>the dentist for years to come. I also want a nice smile, for the first
| >>time in my life. I believe that the main reason he won't pull them is
| >>because he knows I have good dental insurance and a good job. If he
| >>pulls my teeth he has lost his new "cash cow" forever.
| >> Can somebody here help me? What are my options? What more do I
| >>have to do to convince him that my teeth and gums are bad? Are all
| >>dentists going to refuse to pull my teeth? Should I have gone to an
| >>oral surgeon instead? My insurance company requires a referral to an
| >>oral surgeon and I doubt he will give me one. I am going back to him
| >>on Friday (10/31) to tell him my decision of whether to fix them or not.
| >> Any advice someone can give me will be appreciated.
| >>
| >>Thank You,
| >>Barry
| >
| >
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