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The Torturous Faint -- Iron Overload did NOT cause it!!!! (diabetes stress gray down hemochromatosis) - Mombu the Medicine Forum
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1 11th June 08:42
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Default The Torturous Faint -- Iron Overload did NOT cause it!!!! (diabetes stress gray down hemochromatosis)


Some agonizing medical conditon attacked my adolescence. I don't know
what it was.

As a ****ager I often experienced what I call the "The Torturous
Faint". I am NOT kidding!

Here are the following symptoms of a torturous faint:

1. Extreme nausea and excruciating abdominal pain; possibly vomiting
2. Incapacitating aches of muscles around the body
3. A feeling that the environmental light is blindingly bright; altered
colored perception [for example yellow objects may look green]
4. Shortness of breath
5. A feeling of fullness in the ears
6. Loud, painful palpitations
7. Profuse sweating
8. Collapse
9. Strong, rapid pulse

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The torturous faint does NOT involve any loss or
decrease in consciousness. No dizziness, no impairment in balance. No
bradycardia. Because consciousness, memory and perception of pain is
intact, I call it "The Torturous Faint". The only "fainting" that
occurs is the collapse caused by the extreme pain. The reason I would
collapse is because I needed to. At times, just standing was TOO much
of an exertion for me. My whole body would be in SOOOO much pain that I
needed to lay down in order to releive the pain. I would remain fully
aware of self and surroundings. Thats right, no luxury of
unconsciousness. No escape. I had too relax completely in order to
releive the pain. My adolscent medical condition is not a defined as a
true "faint" because if it was, then I'd feel dizzy and then enter a
happy state of sub/unconsciousness and probably not remember the faint.

Here are some -- but clearly not all -- of what used to the triggers to
my "Torturous Faint":
1. Excessive exertion
2. Emotional stress
3. Eating fatty foods

Thankfully, I rarely experience the "torturous faint" these days.

Does anyone have a clue as to what ailed my **** years?

No its not iron overload. quote:

Iron toxicity Symptoms

"Iron poisoning, caused by acute ingestion of large quantities of
iron-containing supplements, causes nausea, vomiting, damage to the
lining of the intestinal tract, shock, and liver failure, and is a
leading cause of death among children.

Chronic iron overload, or excessive iron storage, can cause a variety
of symptoms including loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss,
headaches, bronze or gray hue to the skin, dizziness, nausea, and
shortness of breath. It is generally believed that chronic iron
toxicity occurs only in people who require regular blood transfusions,
take iron supplements, or in those with a genetic iron storage disorder
called hemachromatosis. With hemochromatosis, iron is deposited in
tissues throughout the body, most notably the liver, pancreas, and
heart, potentially causing cirrhosis, diabetes, or cardiac

Although iron overload is not likely to develop from food sources
alone, men, because they do not experience iron losses, may be at
greater risk for the problems associated with excessive iron. In recent
years, excess iron intake and storage, especially in men, has been
implicated as a cause of heart disease and cancer. In addition, iron
has been found in increased levels in the joints of people with
rheumatoid arthritis. "

I did NOT experience any of the iron-poisoning symptoms!!!!!!!


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