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1 26th March 00:08
External User
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (colostomy cancer colonoscopy)

A little over two years ago I had a permanent colostomy during surgery for
stage IV colo-rectal cancer. I'm going to have my first colonoscopy since
then soon. Has anyone had this done? I'm mainly thinking back to the prep
the day before the procedure. With a colostomy appliance the only way to
catch the effluent of the cleaning out process, it seems a problematic
situation. Any ideas? Thanks, Don
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2 26th March 00:09
paul m. cookę«
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (rectum colon)

I had it done in January prior to my reconnection. It is nothing really and
in fact far easier than through the rectum. Preparation is the same, you'll
be on a 1 day purge using laxatives in a kit they will provide. Just drink
clear fluids only after about 8pm the night before, but do follow the
instructions carefully. Your bag will fill with mostly liquid so just stay
home the day of the prep. You'll find your colon will stop emptying for the
most part after a few hours and you could even be active to a greater
degree. The day of the test they will simply have you hold a funnel shaped
cup with a tip on the end of it inserted into the stoma. It is painless.
It helped immensely that I had a two piece appliance, otherwise bring a
change of hardware with you. The only problem is when they are done, the
contrast fluid tends to leak a bit but they will hand you a big towel to use
until you can get to the restroom.

It's a breeze. It'll be over with in no time at all.

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3 26th March 00:09
External User
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (colonoscopy)

Hey, thanks so much for sharing your experience with me. Sounds like they
may not even put me under, as they did for my regular rectal colonoscopy. I
was mainly worried about the volume of the outflow during the prep process
being too much for one bag to handle. As you know, one can't really
anticipate when the stoma will be erupting, so I'll likely get no notice to
go to the bathroom and open the end of my two-piece appliance over the
toilet. I'm sure my gastrointerologist will give me some ideas as well.
Thanks again!
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4 26th March 00:09
External User
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (down colonoscopy weight)

I had my first colonoscopy after my surgery (July/03) a few months ago. I
too was afraid of the output.

I had to take the Fleet Phospho-Soda at 5:00pm and again at 7:00pm. I got
all prepared. Put a chair in front of the toilet, had reading material ready
for an overnight stay and held on to my drainable pouch in case it should
fly off. Then I waited, and waited. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20. Got boarded,
closed up my pouch and sat at my computer.

About 10 minutes later, I felt some weight on my pouch, reached down and
found it to be a third full. Didn't even feel it come out. I then calmly got
up and empted the pouch, cleaned in out and sat back at the computer. Did
this about 4 or 5 times and was done by 9:00. Slept through the night and
empted once more when I got up at 8:00.

As for the colonoscopy, they only took off the pouch and knocked me out for
the procedure. Woke up just as they were cleaning up and was ready to go
home in less the 10 minutes but had to wait for someone to pick me up.

The worst part of this whole thing was drinking the Fleet.

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5 26th March 00:09
ron g
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (virus enema)

I thought ---(Larry's website? and numerous other places)---- that us
Illeostomates did not need the enema prep at all.

I heard that our ileo's just empty themselves normally over an 8 hr time
frame without eating.

Also mentioned was the chance (a big one) of getting dehydrated, if we used

The articles said that ileostomates should never use a Fleet enema, or enema
"pills" for a small bowel check.

This caution was for us Ileo's only, and that hospitals just unknowingly say
that we should use the enema stuff to clean out.

Anyone else on this?


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6 26th March 00:09
paul m. cookę«
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (colonoscopy)

The pain I endured during my normal colonoscopy years earlier was almost all
rectal. They finally did put me out when my screams were upsetting other
patients. But through the stoma is a breeze. Drinking a gallon of sour
dishwater was the hard part. Good luck.

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7 26th March 00:09
External User
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (colostomy)

Hello Morrison,

Since Morrison had a colostomy, I think that drinking the Golytely
preparation would be in order.

However, if Morrision had a Ileostomy I believe this whole cleansing process
is not only unnecessary but harmful bordering on dehydration.

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8 26th March 06:15
External User
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (ileostomy)

you are right--i've had colonoscopies and never do the prep - the drs staff
always said to do it but when i questioned them with an ileostomy they
would say oh won't need to do that -
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9 26th March 12:09
james rice
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma (diet colostomy cancer)

As a 7 year rectal cancer survivor and having a permanent colostomy also,
following the APR procedure, each time I have to prep for a c-scope I insist
on a prescription for the Visicol tablets. I then attach an irrigation
sleeve to my flange after taking the first dosing of the pills. Since the
irrigation sleeve is far longer than any regular size pouch, draining it is
a breeze since it nearly reaches into the toilet bowl from a standing
position. Also, since it does handle so much more quantity than a standard
size pouch, there is little rush to 'run' to the bathroom. A hint about
taking the pills, followup with a can of ginger ale to help flush out any
remaining residue. You may even consider starting a liquid diet a day
earlier than the doctors recommend. It doesn't hurt. Hope this helps.

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10 26th March 12:09
External User
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Default Colonoscopy through stoma

Have had several. Can be very easy depending on the doctor.
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