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1 20th June 22:51
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Default Depression and Parasites: The problem with testing for them ! (stress depression anxiety irritable bowel colitis)

Parasites: The problem with testing for them !

The underlying problem of 'parasites' may cause chemical imbalances
such as anxiety and depression.

Research has shown that if you have a parasitic infection, certain over
the counter cold medicaitons like PPA can cause manic symptoms and an
incorrect diagnosis.

Research had shown that some people showed signs of mental illness
after flu like symptoms, and some of these people may have been
reacting to the over the counter cold medications.

In regards to 'parasitic' infections there is another problem, testing.

I think we have found the problem...the belief that 'testing' is 100%
accurate and being done....

Thanks for your feedback, if people like you falsely believe what you
believe then you should go back and start again, with proper testing
for parasites....


Here is a link to a medical doctor:

"Back then I often referred patients to gastroenterologists. Frequently
they came back to me with the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome
(IBS), and with the recommendation that they should make dietary
changes, increase fiber in their diet and use Metamucil. But too often
these changes brought them no relief. I was aware at that time that
stress could play a part in their discomfort, and made suggestions
accordingly. But this also did not seem to be very effective. Their
symptoms remained mysterious and frustrating.

An unwelcome souvenir

I didn't sort the puzzle out until I went to Mexico and got what is
known as "Montezuma's Revenge." I returned to the US and realized
I had all the symptoms that many of my patients had been complaining
about. So I did a stool test, which was sent to the hospital. I was
shocked when the test indicated nothing abnormal.

Being the person that I am, I did not stop there but began to explore
the options available within the alternative medical community. I found
a chiropractor who recommended a lab in Arizona. Sure enough, this
stool test came back indicating parasites. She then effectively treated
me and also recommended staying away from particular foods to which I
had become sensitive. My symptoms disappeared. So began my real
awakening to the alternatives for women who suffer from digestive
problems that cannot be explained as irritable bowel syndrome or
symptoms of anxiety. "


Here is another link expaining the problems with testing: Logic would
suggest you have some you can test for it, or take a
wide spectrum approach to it...or continue in the system that never
treated you with the most likely problem....building boxes for you to
think and suffer within...

"Parasites are a hidden disease, because most people who have parasites
don't know it. Researchers are beginning to see how parasitic
infections may mimic or be involved in diseases such as rheumatoid
symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative
colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, AIDS, and arthritis."


Blasto's ability to cause symptoms has been questioned by the medical
establishment since its discovery in the early 1900s. Sufferers are
often advised that their infection is not causing their symptoms:

"It took us four years to finally convince medical doctors to test our
30 year old daughter for parasites with a lab that was more reliable
than the traditional quick stool sample (which just showed her with
"non-pathogenic entameobacoli cysts".

We finally tested her with the ELISA Test at the Diagnos-Techs Lab in
Kent, Washington, near Seattle. It requires several stool samples on
different days, plus some saliva samples, and is proported to be 99%
accurate. Bingo! It showed her with Giardia, Candida overgrowth,
Toxyplasmosis, and Blasto."

received December 2004 - USA

Although the results of three fixed samples, tested by an experienced
laboratory is more reliable than results of a single sample tested,
there are other important factors which contribute to misdiagnosis: One
is the problem of intermittent sheddingof the parasite in fecal samples
(see below); another is misreporting by labs.

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