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1 24th May 21:25
david sh
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Default Food stuck in gullet (cough choking stomach esophagus throat)


I've suffered from very mild dysphagia for about a year or so now. Dry food
sometimes feels as if it's stuck in the back of my throat, and it takes a
glass of water to clear it. Usually it's worse then I'm tired, as with most
MS symptoms.

Today though I suffered something altogether more unpleasant. I wondered if
this was an MS symptom, or more gastric related. Some food seemed to stick
in my esophagus/gullet. It wasn't in my throat, but didn't reach my stomach
either. I swallowed some water, but this flooded back up. I then aspirated
the water and felt as if I was choking. I managed to cough the water up,
and after a few minutes the food also moved. My brother suffered from this
a couple of months back, and was hospitalised to remove the blockage. I'm
wondering if this is just a genetically dodgy gullet, acid reflux related,
or something to do with MS.

Anyone else suffer from this?



Campath-1h - my experience of it.
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2 24th May 21:25
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Default Food stuck in gullet (choking)

Scary experience.

it only happens to me when i eat an apple. Don't ask me why. It gets stuck
and before i know it it hurts and i feel like im choking. I have to chug
water to get it loose. Everytime i eat an apple im extra careful

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3 24th May 22:18
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Default Food stuck in gullet (down choking stomach)

Hi David;

Something like this happens to me occasionally, usually when I eat dry
cereal or bread. I feel the food stick halfway down, and I feel like
I'm choking. I wait a few minutes, and then I drink something hot. I
can feel the food and the liquid move on down to my stomach.

This could be MS, but, if your brother also has it, I'd get it checked
out. It's not always the MS.

Nothing like that panicky feeling you get when you feel like you're
going to choke. Good luck with this!

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4 27th May 02:10
david sh
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Default Food stuck in gullet (choking)



It's not so much a choking feeling as a pain in the chest when the food is
stuck. The choking followed when I tried to flush it through with water.
The water spurted back up and I then choked on that. Not something I want
to repeat in a hurry.



Campath-1h - my experience of it.
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5 27th May 02:11
bob davidson
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Default Food stuck in gullet (asthma mri choking throat jaw)

hi david!!
i have had problems with my eusophegus muscle going into spazmz, , it was
like a charlie horse in my throat,, my breathing was strained,, little air
was gettin in,,
i treat this with salbutamol inhaler,, it is a bronchail dilator and opens
my wind pipe when i have this occur.

also when i yawn my jaw locks open at times,, very painfull, related to my
breathing problem, i feel the muscle contract and lock like a charlie horse
in my thigh,, same muscle tightening feeling
, i do not have asthma, there is no phlem in my throat, blocking breathing,,
which was the doctors first thought.

this may not be exactly what you have,, but it is possible that what you
have, if it is MS ,could be muscle message interference,, making the
message to swallow not go thru,, creating your swallowing problems,,

do tums or antacid help this,, have you tried them???
if its a kind of acid reflux like you suggested??

definitly see your doctor,, get him thinking on it,, or your neuro,, or
call your local Ms clinic,, ask them about it,,

i find anything that could lead to death, by choking or not being able to
breath very serious problems as opposed to my leg problem., these are more
more immediate attention then!!!! , when i got to emerg when i first had my
breathing problem,, it went away by the time i got there!!!! they just put
me on some oxygen
for a couple minutes,, the emerg dude did not have a clue how to treat me,,
didnt think it was MS,, after i saw my neuro, it was dxed,,, as he had seen
it often in his patients.

so have your doctor or neuro check it out!!!! at least if they record it and
something else happens later,, they can do the math and figure out related

my throat spazmz in my wind pipe, and my painful yawning that leads to
locked under the chin spazmz
were related. this could also support a finding on mri of placque that
affects this area,,of my body.

take it easy man!!!!
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6 28th May 23:27
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Default Food stuck in gullet (esophagus)

My dad had this problem and it was due to the valve on his esophagus
not opening/closing properly.


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7 28th May 23:27
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Default Food stuck in gullet

Denise has had similar troubles in the past. She has been swallowing better now
for some time. For a while it was very worrisome.

John the chef-boy-ardee
Denise the pantry maid
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8 1st June 00:01
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Default Food stuck in gullet (panic down choking heart)

David, if something feels stuck mid-chest, try to relax, and breathe through
your nose. I raise my arms above my head and that helps it go down. Wait a
bit before drinking water. I find that breathing through my nose helps
remind me that I'm not choking, I can still breathe, I just need to wait for
something to go down. If you have trouble with swallowing, you may be having
esophageal spasms -- one of my MS problems -- and you can get help for it.
But on your own, try to drink first, to slick the gullet a bit, and then
eat. For instance, when I take a dry pill in tablet form, the doctor told me
to drink a swallow first before taking the pill and following with water.
Also, be careful not to drink bubbly things, especially when taking pills,
if you have this problem. Mine comes and goes. Remember to breathe through
your nose, and don't panic, which makes it seem worse. As I write this, I'm
not drinking anything, just swallowing -- I can feel the tightness up and
down my gullet -- and it makes a little "oy oy oy" sound. Annoying...

But go see the doctor to rule out other things. I know that it feels like a
stuck piece of food is a boulder in there. And esophageal spasms really do
feel like what I imagine a heart attack feels like. It's good to know
exactly what you are experiencing, so seeing the doctor soon is a good idea.
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