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1 3rd May 02:40
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Default late ovulation on clomid & short cycle without it. (ovulation stomach sperm pergonal)

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now, I did IUI &
insemination for over a year with either Clomid, Puregon and HCG shots and
never got pregnant, tried 2 IVF and only got like 2 follicles each time even
though I was on very high dosages of either purgeon & repronex or just
pergonal. I get 2-3 follicles usually with clomid and with the others 1-2
follicles so funny I do better with clomid, I was told on my last IVF that
donor egg would be best so I went to see another RE and he made me do a
clomid challenge test this month which the other RE never did. I got a 5.6
at 3 days and a 9.1 at 10 days, the RE said that this is still good, so
instead of wasting this cycle I decided to let my body tell me when my
follicles would be ready, did OPK and waited. 2 days ago I started seeing a
blue line on the OPK so I knew that today would be the day I ovulated, I was
having pain on the bottom of my stomach, stretching pain, I knew I was
ovulating, so I called this morning and did an IUI at 11:45am, the RE said I
had lots of mucus so this is a good sign I hope, as I didn't have another
OPK to test yesterday and didn't want to spend the money for just 1 day.
Anyway to make a long story short, my stomach pains have gone away a couple
of hours after the IUI so it looks like the timing was perfect, now I have
to wait, I'm worried because usually I get an HCG shot at around day 17 or
18 max and it never worked (guessing that the eggs were too immature), so
this time I let my body do the ovulating instead, but today was day 22 I'm
afraid that I might be too late, I usually have short cycle without clomid
(26-27 days) so I'm worried that I will get my period before the necessary
10 days to get pregnant if by some miracle it works. I'm also afraid that
day 22 ovulation is too late and the egg is too old. I'm hoping that since
it took this long that the egg is huge and that there is no way that the
sperm can miss it. I just hope it's of good quality. Should I be taking
some prometrium to make sure I last the required 10 days? is it true that
if the egg is of good quality I wont' get my period before the necessary 10
days and if the egg was bad that most likely I will get my period before

any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


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2 5th May 21:39
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Default late ovulation on clomid & short cycle without it. (ovulation progesterone)

France... I'm no help in answering your questions - other than if you feel
you need progesterone support... ask your doctor ASAP for it as you should
start it just after IUI.

I just wanted to say good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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