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1 27th June 17:43
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Default 3600 calories a day

Or a ruler :-)

I developed the Two Foot Diet approach (2FD) as a replacement for Dr.
Chung's Amazing Logic Defying Two Pound Diet to avoid having to carry a
scale around.

Inspired by Dr. Chung's scientific approach, as described on his
website, in 2003, my wife and I attended an IMAX film about climbing
the Bavarian Alps and learned that despite their exhausting regimen,
the climbers consumed only 10 packages of wieners per week. That's less
than 2 feet of wieners per day! Since none of the climbers died from
starvation, I think it is safe to assume that 2 feet of food per day
should be more than adequate for us non-climbing folks.

So I started a little experiment with the agreeable obese friends in my
neighborhood. I gave them ordinary 6 inch rulers with instructions to
measure the length of everything substantial that passed into their
mouths. The only things exempted were water and sugar-free drinks. What
I learned was that my obese friends were consuming between 8 to 12 feet
of food per day! At the time, I was about 10 lbs. over my ideal body
weight so I decided to find out how much I was eating per day... 3
feet. I cut back to less than 2 feet and was at my proper weight in one

My friends have responded similarly except they have taken longer
because of having to lose more weight. Admittedly, some of my obese
friends were especially slow to respond. They also happen to be the
ones with an unfortunate propensity for accidentally loosing their 6
inch rulers and taking weeks to buy replacements.

So here's the deal: measure all the food you eat, using it's longest
dimension, and keep the total length to less than two feet per day.
That's all there is. No scales, no counting calories or carbohydrates.
Heck, if you loose your ruler, you can even use the first joint of your
thumb to measure.

I am making this diet available as a public service and without

If you have any questions, just see Dr. Chung's helpful FAQ and
substitute "Two Feet" for "Two Pounds" everywhere... what could be

"If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the
shoulders of midgets"


Weeding the Lord's Vineyards Since 2003
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