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1 13th April 16:57
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Default colostomy for elderly patients (colostomy down rectum colon heart)

I am a newbie in this newsgroup so please bear with me
My 77 year old mum has suffered for nearly 5 years from UC which Preds and
other drugs have not helped. When it returns, it is more active each time
and her specialist has now asked her seriously to consider surgery and says
as the whole bowel is diseased, the colon and rectum would have to be
She is of course terribly anxious, not least because many years ago her
elderly father died during such surgery as his heart gave out (by then he
was down to skin and bone so should not really have been operated on) and I
am in a terrible state myself worrying about it. Apart from her UC, she
however is in good general health. Is such surgery usual or safe for
patients of that age?
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2 6th May 04:22
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Default colostomy for elderly patients (colostomy appendectomy)

I imagine this is something that your surgeon who knows your mum's case
would be more qualified to answer, than most of us here.

However, you may find it comforting that my grandmother had an appendectomy
at the age of 86 and survived for nearly ten years afterwards.

I think I read somewhere that the average age of an ostomate is over
seventy, so it is likely that many other people have had this surgery late
on in life.

If you have any serious doubts about this, I would ask for a second opinion.
Having the surgery and surviving will undoubtedly improve the quality of
your mum's life vastly.

Good Luck, Sean
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3 6th May 09:16
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Default colostomy for elderly patients (colostomy colon colitis ulcerative diverticulitis)

I would recommend you to "" for your questions.
Ostomy surgery is not nearly as dangerous as it once was. The operation
usually takes an hour or less and recovery depends on the overall
condition of the patient.

I disagree that most ostomy patients are 70 or more. My surgeon
performs ostomy operations about 3 times a week for varying conditions.
Most are temporary, called a "resting colostomy" resulting from
diverticulitis or ulcerative colitis or any number of conditions.

When I had my ostomy surgery, my colon had ruptured and I was in
septisemia -- just about dead. I was 52.

I would encourage you to post on the ostomy support group. There are
people of all ages who have had ostomies for varying reasons for many

Love & Peace,
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4 7th May 00:51
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Default colostomy for elderly patients (colostomy heart)

Thank you so much Sean and Connie It's certainly something she wont' rush
into but all the signs look as if surgery is now inevitable. Other than the
UC, she's rather a healthy elderly lady and her heart is in better nick than
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