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1 24th January 14:37
External User
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Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement: (scrotum stomach heart job hernia)

My intention in writing this post is to ask a serious question and in
no way meant to be salacious. It is a true account of my feelings
while in the hospital for a hernia repair a fews years ago.

I will pose the question first, and then relate my experience,
which I assume is commonplace in hospital settings. My question is,
do female nurses who by necessity are required to see, touch and
handle male genatalia in the course of their patients treatment, ever
enjoy their work or find it a turn on, when the male patient is a 32
year old fairly normal man in all respects. I really wanted to
discuss this with the nurses who gave me care in the hospital but was
afraid to ask.

The following was my experience, as best as I can recall my stay
in the hospital a couple of years ago. I was admitted in the
afternoon for a hernia repair operation the following morning. Upon
being admitted and taken to the floor and my room I was told my nurse
would be in shortly to do my assessment. Shortly a nurse, whom I
found to be attractive, entered my room and explained to me that she
would be doing my assessment and would return shortly and I should get
undressed and into my hospital gown. I complied, but kept my
underwear on under my gown. When my nurse returned a few minutes
later she asked about my medical history and took my BP, temp, etc.
We chatted about my condition and she tried to explain to me what I
should expect from my hospital stay. Then she asked to see and examine
my hernia. Let me say here without embelishing this story at all,
that I am not unacustomed to females seeing me *****. This request
however made me flush with fear of the unknown and how to properly get
though her seeing my penis without offending her, without getting an
erection, and in the proper way. I had nothing in my lifes
experiences to fall back on for guidance and I felt like I was in
uncharted waters.

My nature is to follow orders, so that kicked in to guide me
through this experience. The nurse asked me to take off my underwear
and let her see my hernia, explainingg to me that when you go to the
hospital you have to lose your modesty. At this point I can't
remember exact words but I vividly remember the fear I felt that I
might get an erection and how embarassing that would be.

I slipped my underwear off under the gown and lay there looking
up at her as she lifts my gown above my waist and looks at my crotch
with my penis fully exposed. My heart was pounding and she quickly
picked up on my nervousness and tried to reassure me and told me to
just try to relax and this was something she had done and seem a
thousand times before. She began feeling around to detect the hernia
and found it. Of course by this time, she had incidentally touched my
penis and I had gone from being terrified to a state of enjoying her
inspecting me. It quickly started to show. as my worst fears happened
and I began getting an erection. In the exam, she had taken my penis
and scrotum with her right hand and pulled them over and felt the
hernia with her left hand fingers. She was telling me that this
should not be a complicated surgery and that the hernia seemed to be
small I should have an easy time of it as surgery goes. My penis was
growing but she seemed not to notice. She diredted my attention to
look wheere her finger was and showed me where the incision would
probably be made and she ask me if I had and questions she could
answer about my impending surgery.

I was just about speechless and could think of nothing to ask
her as I continued to get a fuller erection. At this point, my
erection being very noticeable I apologized. She covered me with my
gown and explained to me that getting an erection in that situation
was normal and that I should not feel embarassed about it and that she
saw it all the time. I don't think I believed her but at least she
made me feel better. She then said someone would be in later to prep
me for surgery and left the room. I had no idea what that meant.

A little later there is knock on the door and another
attractive, much younger girl, sticks her head in, then comes in the
room and announces to me that she is there to prep me for my surgery
in the morning. She tells me that she is a nurses aide and will be
starting nurses school the following semester. She also explains to me
that she will be shaving my pubic area to prepare me for surgery. I
am now again with an attractive female who is going to see my penis
and I am feeling nervous all over again despite just having had an
attractive nurse see my penis and that resulting in my getting an
erection. She sets up her towels and warm water on the tray holder
and asks if I am ready. Again, I am fearing an erection but say yes
to her and ask if she has done this before. She replies that she has
done it often. She then lifts my gown above my waist and asks me to
open my legs to make my crotch accessible for her to shave. She then
places towels in a manner to keep the bed from getting wet during the
process. Nervously I anticipate what she is going to do but begin to
feel a joy of her being there and seeing me ***** and when she begins
to lather me up I start to get an erection again. I apologize to her
and she like the nurse, says not to worry, it's normal and that she
was not offended. Despite that is getting ready for surgery I feel
myself slipping from a state of fear to state of enjoyment of the
process that is occurring and my erection becomes greater and greater
as she does her job. I do feel embarassed but at the same time I am
liking what is occurring. She finishes and washes me off and despite
her wearing gloves I feel more and more arroused by her touching me.
I ask her if she was shocked by what she saw and did in the hospital
when she first started working there and she told me that she got
used to it right away and nothing bothered her now, except that she
really hated to clean up vommit. It was over now and as she covered
me with my gown, my penis made a clearly distinct protrusion in it
now. She left the room and I felt like I had experienced an eroctic

The next morning I had the surgery and after going to post-op
and recovery I was taken back to my room, still groggy but lucid. I
have seen a lot of nurses and not all of them are, how can I say this,
all that attractive. But my nurse that morning was an attractive
older lady in her fourties, but still very nice looking to me. This
was my day nurse and she did not have much to do with me other than
give me a pain shot and bring me my tray, but we did get to make
acquaintances and she did take a peep at the surgical site and in the
process get a look at my penis. By this time I was quite accostomed
to nurses seeing my penis and did not feel any fear or embarassment at

The attrractive aide who had preped me the day before came by
my room to take vitals. I actually felt a bond with her since we had
gotten to know each other the day before, so to speak. She asked how
it had gone and I said fine. She asked me if she could see the
surgical site and this time I felt flattered, not fearful. She did,
but it was short and sweet so to speak. Later, when the shift
changed, my original nurse, the one who had done my assessment, came

unavoidably my penis. I was getting to liking this inspection by now.
She encouraged me to get up and I did, albeit painfully and very
limited. That afternoon I had to pee and used the urinal at the
bedside. I was producing a lot of unine and needed it emptied about
the time the trays arrived for supper. Yet another nurse, not that
attractive, delivered my tray and I ask her if she could empty my
urinal while in the room because I needed to pee again. She emptied
it in the bathroom and returned and held it out in front of me as if
for me to go ahead and pee in it. Sitting on the bedside I reached
under my gown and took my penis out as she directed the urninal to
meet it and I urinated in it. This time the nurse seeing my penis was
not eroctic as she was not pretty but I was completely okay with her
seeing me like that. Later I felt uncomfortable pain and ask for a
shot. My nurse came by and gave it to me and while there took yet
another look at the surgical site and of course my penis. I am coming
to realzie that I like this by now.

The next morning I again have the same nurse I had the previous
day, the fourty something attractive red head, and after breakfast she
comes in my room with a cart and announces that she will be changing
my dressing. By now I am with the program as it were. She readies
her things and then lifts my gown exposing my pubic area and penis.
Painfully to me, she removes the dressing and remarks to me how good
it looks. With the pain subsiding a bit I engage her in conversation
and ask her questions about the sutures and how long they will be in,
etc. just trying make this last. As she begins to dress my sutures
with a new bandage I feel eroctic and my penis starts to get an
erection. She has not seen me like this before and I am uncertain how
this is going so I apologize and say to her I am not trying to get an
erection but it is just happening and she tries to comfort me and
assure me not to worry about it. While she works on me I get some
very eroctic thoughts and purposefully try to see how erect I can make
my penis. By the time she is through I am erect from her touching and
looking at me. Secretly, I want to masturbate. I inquire about
bathing and how will I do that without getting the bandage wet? I am
told I will have to get a bad bath from the aide. A little later the
same attractive aide comes to my room to perform that duty. Since she
was who preped me, seen me with an erection and seems friendly as all
get out, I am happy to see her and look forward to the bath. She lets
me shave and then she gets her water ready and then leans over me to
untie my gown and lets it fall to lap but still covering my pubic
area. She takes great care to wash my arms, back and chest and
stomach. I am feeling eroctic with anticipation and my penis starts
to get erect and by the time she moves to my feet and legs it is quite
noticeable under my gown. Then to my surprise, she ask me if I would
prefer to wash my pubic area myself. Taken for momemt, I recover and
tell her she has already seen me ***** and wasn't it like toothpaste,
once it's out you can't get it back in. With a very noticeable
erection I say to her I would be flattered for her to do the honors,
to which she smiled not saying anything. She removes the gown and I
am now fully ***** in the bed and she asks me if I get erections
easily and often and begins to talk about it to me as she washes me.
I tell her that I do but since being a patient in the hospital I find
it occurring a lot more frequently. As she washes me I tell her that
I find her attractive and I hope that in some way my getting an
erection would be taken as a compliment to her beauty and not as a
crude gesture. There is something powerfully eroctic about an
attractive girl washing your penis and scrotum and inside your thighs
even if you are post operative and in pain. As she finsihes and hands
me my deodorant, while I am putting it on, she takes the water to the
bathroom and empties it and returns with a fresh gown and helps me put
it on by tieing it for me. It was an enjoyable experience for me I
must say.

Later in the morning my red headed nurse returns with another
young lady, a student nurse, who she inroduces to me and tells me that
she will be working with me. I am now feeling like I won the lottery
as she is the most attractive and youngest of them all. My nurse
leaves the room, leaving the student nurse and I alone and she asks me
if I can go over my medical history for her clinical. I answer her
questions and tell her about my history. She then asks me if it would
be okay for her to see my surgical site. I feel a little uneasy with
this because she can't be more than 19 I am thinking. I ask her how
is she going to feel about seeing my ***** penis and she replies
matter of factly that I won't bother her in the least and asks me back
if it is going to bother me. I feel better already and tell her no. I
take the initiative and pull up my gown exposing myself to her and
then we chat about the surgery. As we chat she tells me I can cover
myself now and I ask her if she was feeling embarassed. She replied
no, that she just did not want to impose on me. I don't know why, but
I tell her "to be honest I like being ***** in front of you" to which
I immediatedly realized was a very stupid thing to say. All of a
sudden I felt a change from eroctic to tense. I covered myself and I
felt guilty. She did not seem offended but I still felt bad.

Later that afternoon my doctor came by and had my nurse and the
student nurse with him. He told me everything went fine during
surgery. He then lifts my gown exposing me and opens the bandage to
look at the sutures. He says it looks great and I should be going
home tomorrow. He leaves with the nurses. A little later the nurse
and the student nurse come back in my room with the cart and tell me
they are going to re-dress my sutures because the doc messed it up.
Unlike before, I now have two attractive females in the room and I am
not alone with one as before and I feel a little different and not
nearly as eroctic as before. The nurse tells the student how to do
the bandage change and supervises. I do get an erecton but it is
minor and not a big boner. They leave when they are finished.

Later that evening my original nurse comes by room to check on
me on her shift. She gets a page and has to leave and tells me she
will be right back. I know she is going to want to peek at my surgery
site so while she is gone I start playing with myself to get an
erection. When she gets back and wants to look at my site I tell her
I feel uncomfortable about it because I have an erection. Naturally,
she tells me not to worry and when she lifts my gown she see I am full
blown and says to me boy you weren't kidding were you. But she tries
to be professional and says things look good but she wants to look
under the bandage. I am delighted because her touching me is
unavoidable though it does hurt a little. She ask me if I got
erections all the time. I said something like around here I do.

I am making this too long so I will close now. This is a true
story and I am asking any nurses who may feel like posting here to
tell me if I am a cad, an exhibitionist, a pervert, or what happened
to me in the hospital is just another day in your routine working
there. I did not go into the hospital knowing what to expect and had
to just figure things out on my own in the modesty area.
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2 24th January 14:37
andrew heenan
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement: (erection)

Separate your experience from the nurse's ...

As a nurse, I've found the occasional man who has an erection, and I know
that many female nurses have too.

But we see ***** folk all day everyday, and we're at work ... and most of
the folk we see are sick, and, to be brutal, not at their most attractive. I
don't recall ever being 'turned on' and in occasional discussions over the
years, I think that's a rare event. For most people, it takes more than just
a ***** body.

Consider ... you see semi***** flesh on the beach, at the pool, at the mall.
even ... you might occasionally be turned on - but that's more a matter for
embarassment than anytghing else, isn't it?

For you, however, new to the hospital situation, there is the embarassment
factor, and the weirdity factor. If you were well enough to get excited,
good luck to you. But don't confuse a random erection with a significant
event. It happens. Move on ...

Andrew Heenan
Real Nurse
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3 24th January 14:38
mortimer schnerd, rn
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement:

Bullshit. You're a troll.

Mortimer Schnerd, RN

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4 24th January 14:38
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement:

story and I am asking any nurses who may feel like posting here to
tell me if I am a cad, an exhibitionist, a pervert, or what happened
to me in the hospital is just another day in your routine working

It is NOT a true story. If you're asking any nurse who may feel like
to tell you if you're a cad . . . let ME be the one. You're too
frigging stupid'
to be a cad. You've got a wild imagination, and are laboring under
the illusion that your LightSwitch-Like Penis could turn a nurse on, so that

The kindest thing I can say is you're a liar. Go take a night course in
writing 101, and then dream up another subject. Write about what you
know about, then go under the bridge and join your brother trolls.

Will, crna
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5 24th January 16:25
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement:

Couldn't agree more. Just some a**hole wasting everyone's time.

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6 24th January 16:26
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement: (hernia)

I only had to read the first paragraph to realize you have quite the
imagination, don't you?

No one stays overnight for a simple hernia surgery; it's done
outpatient. Staying 2 nights is over the top. Sure would like to
know which insurance company would allow that. I think I already
know the answer to that....none of them.

If you had stayed overnight, you weren't going to get a bed bath from
a nurse or aide after a hernia repair. Your arms weren't do your own bath. In fact, you could have taken a shower
with no problem.

Posting your erotica on a nursing newsgroup is rather silly, since we
all can see right through it.
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7 24th January 16:26
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement: (erection)

And nurses are probably the group LEAST likely to be the least bit excited by
"erotica" like that...a male patient having an erection...yawn....that doesn't
even qualify as a topic for lunch conversation, let alone fantasies.
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8 24th January 19:59
joanne maenpaa
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement:

0 2 4 6 8 10

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9 24th January 19:59
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement: (job)

It seems to me that the follow ups are either insincere or the
posters are in denial about what goes on in the hospital. I have even
considered that perhaps you aren't even in nursing or are so new you
just have not been doing your job long enough to see very much of what
goes on. If any of you are really nurses and want to pretend that a
cavalier attitude towards nudity in the hospital is not commonplace I
give up. Forget I even asked anything.

the troll
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10 24th January 19:59
External User
Posts: 1
Default Loss of modesty by hospital confinement: (down hernia erection)


I had the sense, also, that the op was a troll - too many ****,
erection-oriented posts on this newsgroup to not lean that way. I
didn't finish reading the entire post, as the length and degree of
detail were more than I cared about at the time. However, if the nurse
did as the patient describes in exposing the patient, she was not
treating him with normal, appropriate care. The nurse could have
visualized the hernia, very likely, by just pulling the sheet down as
far as the pubis. If a patient was noticeably uncomforatable at being
*****, she (or if a he) should have stopped. The hernia did not need to
be "re-diagnosed", and the exam/assessment of genitalia can just be
marked as "deferred at request of patient". If there was an acute
condition, like pain or a strangulated hernia, or an open wound, then
visualizing it becomes more important.

No patient takes "orders" from a nurse or physician or needs to be
intimidated by hospital protocols. Patients have the right to refuse
any procedure. The nurse would have been wise to divert attention and
conversation from the embarassing situation.

Hospital procedures are one means of "losing" one's modesty. ***ual
relationships, childbirth and other normal experiences contribute to
losing one's modesty. A patient who responds to normal human feelings
and functions should not be unduly embarassed. God made a great
machine, it works great, and not always subject to one's desired degree
of self-control ) We belch, we fart, we perspire and would be in
tough shape if we did not. If it's been "several years", it really is
time to get over it.
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