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1 16th May 19:32
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Default Remeron, Effexor and Rapid Pulse (heart exercise)

I just got a heart monitor to use during exercise (I finally have the
energy to exercise!) and notice that my heart rate is very high --- 98
when all I did was tie my shoes and strap on the monitor.

Since then I've noticed that it's often very high when just doing
nothing - once I was up to 112 just eating a sandwich.

My doctor says this is nothing.

Anyone else had this experience?
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2 16th May 19:32
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Default Remeron, Effexor and Rapid Pulse (tachycardia)

Maybe it was a really exciting sandwich? Seriously, neither drug is
associated with tachycardia AFAIK. The tricyclics are the notorious
ones for that. I'm currently taking a tricyclic and adding an SSRI to
it by slowly titrating upwards with Zoloft, and my psychiatrist
insisted that I monitor my blood pressure and pulse (this combination
was my idea). I can tell you that over the last two weeks, the lowest
my pulse has been is 70 and the highest 101, with an average of 85,
and I was trying each time to take it when I was relatively calm and
not exerting myself. I'm in excellent condition, though.

I think your doctor's probably right that it's nothing to worry about.

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