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1 30th August 11:11
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (heart)

Hi Folks

Will Armour cause your blood pressure to go up?

Will cause damage to your heart?


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2 30th August 11:11
john r
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (thyroid)

Will it? this a trick question?

The reality of thyroid disease is that any thyroid hormone, synthetic or
natural can raise blood pressure, but that should be monitored regardless of
the medication. It is one of the reasons we need to be monitored by a
physician. The possibility does exist, but not just with Armour.
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3 30th August 11:12
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (down cardiology heart)

Armour tends to normalize BP. If you have low BP it might go up to 120 / 80.
If you have high BP, it might go down. In the event your dosage is too high,
which is hard to get since doctors fear it so much, then it's more likely to
cause elevated pulse and BP.

Unless one is on an excessive amount of Armour for them, it will do the heart
good. One of the worst things for your heart is to by hypothyroid. Lack of
thyroid can cause heart disorders that some good docs recognize the cause,
others dont' want to because there's too much profit in their cardiology

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4 30th August 11:14
nora grøndal
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (cardiac heart myocardial infarction thyroid)

On T3 and heart:
"There are a growing number of human cardiac disease states in which
thyroid hormone metabolism is altered leading to a fall in serum T3.
Within 48 h after acute myocardial infarction (25) or within 6-24 h
after cardiac surgery requiring cardiopulmonary bypass in adults and
children (26, 27), serum T3 levels decline. In children, the fall in T3
was more pronounced and prolonged in patients with a more complex
surgical procedures (27). Replacement T3 therapy to restore serum T3
levels to normal improved the postoperative outcome and cardiac function
in newborn children without untoward effects (28, 29). In patients with
congestive heart failure, it has been observed that as many as 30% have
low T3 levels that correlate with the severity of the clinical
assessment of heart failure"

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5 12th September 14:11
External User
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (thyroid)

Nora, I find all these abstracts interesting. I wonder how many doctors
know/and/or/ act on this information. My guess? Not that many. Have you any
knowledge of thyroid problems which might relate to *labile* hypertension?
Thanks, Nora, for citing these journals.
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6 17th September 12:37
nora grøndal
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ?

I believe Skipper writes about blood pressure sometimes here, he may
have some links.
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7 17th September 12:37
External User
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (hypothyroidism allergies down thyroid)

No links. I simply know that Armour Thyroid trends to normally blood pressure.
It it's low it might go up. (Possibly because it's not unusual for the
adrenals to be low because they need more thyroid hormone to function, so start
the thyroid meds and the adrenals and BP come up to normal.) It is well known
(or used to be) that low thyroid causes hypertension, and Armour Thyroid can
correct it. One reason for hypertension is vasoconstriciton, which is common
in hypothyroidism and the reason we tend to have cold hands.

I'm not sure that labile hypertension is any different than any other kind. Of
course, it could be related to food or other medications. I believe food
allergies sometimes increase BP temporarily. I'm sure when some drugs kick in
the BP can go up for a while and then back down.

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8 17th September 12:38
External User
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (schizophrenic high blood pressure heart weight)

There is one I just thought of since the question was about labile (changing)
high blood pressure. I'm not sure why the term is needed, everyone's changes.
Here's one example -

It is also not generally appreciated that heart rate and blood pressure shoot
up whenever we speak or try to communicate in some other way. The seminal
investigations of this phenomenon have been done by Jim Lynch who showed that
such elevation are greater if we are talking to someone of perceived higher
social stature, more rapidly than usual, and if the content of the conversation
deals with some important personal issue. Blood pressure rises in deaf mutes
when they use sign language but not when they move their hands meaninglessly
but with the same amount of energy. The only time this does not occur is in
schizophrenic patients off of medication, possibly because they no longer

I have been involved in this research with Jim for over twenty-five years.
Although these transient spikes in both systolic and diastolic pressure can be
alarmingly high, patients are completely unaware of this and have no symptoms.
By using an automated blood pressure device that displays systolic, diastolic
and mean arterial pressure on a monitor, it is possible to teach patients how
to lower their pressures.

We have also found that these rises are not blunted by any antihypertensive
drugs and are actually exaggerated by beta blockers. It is not uncommon for
anxious patients to talk immediately prior to or even while the doctor is
inflating the cuff, which can increase blood pressure up to 50 percent in some
people. There is no good evidence that such hyperreactivity is associated with
any increased incidence of sustained hypertension. The same is true for elite
weight lifters, who can have pressures of 400/250 or higher when they perform
the supreme Valsalva maneuver.

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9 17th September 18:08
External User
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Default Will Armour Cause High Blood Pressure ? (hypotension thyroid)



Thank you Nora and Skipper for these links. I especially was pleased to read
about the new philosophy of medicine in the above link. Doesn't it strike
you that one of the major topics of conversation in this group is doctors -
lack thereof, difficulty in communication, etc. etc. Nora, I know you are
interested in nursing, and although we need good nurses, you seem to be
exactly the kind of person we wish we could find with when we are searching
for a doctor. Have you thought about becoming a doctor?

I think nothing can be done about my blood pressure. In the same week the
systolic will go so high that it rings the bell, but the diastolic rarely
makes it up to 80. Another time the systolic can be around 100, and
hypotension is the result. A pulse pressure over 100 is not at all unusual.
So, it's a labile BP combined with isolated systolic hypertension - and my
advanced age that is responsible. I only wondered if the thyroid aspect was
having any effect on this. The links that both of you provided helped.
Thanks again,
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