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1 20th March 18:40
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Default bad breath (nexium throat bile)

I read a few times where Dr. Howard links bad breath to bile reflux.
Well, I have bad breath for the last few months and have been diagnosed
with LPR. I'm pretty sure I have acid instead of bile reflux as one of
my symptoms is sore/burning throat. Also since starting nexium, I've
noticed that the sore throat is intermittent rather than constant.
I've also never had any gastro surgery, etc.

But there is something definitely wrong! My mom said my breath smells
like flatulence and sometimes it's so strong, even I can smell it.
Occassionally I get 'farts' but they are coming from mouth rather than
my bottom. My teeth seem okay and I will get cleaning done next week,
so I'll ask there. But otherwise, no bleeding, puffiness, etc. Is
this a symptom of acid reflux? Is the acid stripping my enamel and I'm
not aware that is causing the bad breath? Or am refluxing bits of food
up my throat and thus causing the odor?
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2 20th March 18:40
howard mccollister
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Default bad breath (bile)

Reflux can indeed be a cause of bad breath. It's more commonly associated
with bile reflux, but certainly can be seen with ANY kind of reflux. Your
teeth may or may not show signs of acid damage yet. Do specifically ask your

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3 27th March 12:09
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Default Bad breath

I have had bad breath, according to my boyfriend, for 2 weeks now.
I'm somewhat confused by this, maybe even a little worried, because I
have been purging daily for over 6 years without the bad breath. Why
now would my breath start to turn? Could it be that I have something
going on inside that is causing this, have I done dammage from purging
too much.

I know the simple solution to this problem would be to stop purging,
but as many of us know that is very hard to do. I sure wish I could
stop though.

Have any of you dealt with this before and what did you do to combat

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4 27th March 12:10
External User
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Default Bad breath (bulimia)

There could be many causes to your bad breath, bulimia being one of them.
But only a qualified doctor or dentist would be able to determine the cause
for sure. Bad teeth and bad oral health, in general, is unfortunately one
of the indicators for this disease, and most qualified dentists are likely
to catch the signs of it at routine cleanings. Like I said, if you are able
to talk to your doctor or dentist about this, that would be the most
important thing, although I can totally understand how difficult that may
be. I've been there myself, and it was very scary to admit to my dentist
that I had an eating disorder, but it was well worth it, he was very
understanding, and my primary doctor has also been more understanding than I
could imagine. Getting my teeth fixed that had cavities (most likely from
my eating disorder) I think helped my breath, mouth wash is good too, but
like I said, there could be many causes (inflamed tonsils, sinus trouble,
dry mouth as a med side effect, etc.)

Please take care. -Jen

P.S. I have to inquire, is your boyfriend named "Shaun" by any chance? I
just thought you should know that a guy describing this exact problem in a
girlfriend popped in here about three weeks ago, he never came back to check
the thread though after he posted.
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5 27th March 12:10
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Default Bad breath

Nope my boyfriend is not Shaun. I saw his post too.

Thanks for your ideas. My dentist does know, in fact he is the one
who confronted me about my ED. It was very uncomfortable, but I am
now forever greatful for it. I suppose I should make an appointment
just to rule out oral health. I've already had plenty of cavities,
root c****s, and still need work done because of this. Why do I keep
doing it!!! Grrr, so frustrating.

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