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1 8th August 05:32
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Default ENT lesson 101 (down throat)

Had a giggle with the veins and arteries specialist today. Was telling him
how the ENT sounded to me like he was quite impressed with his ENT 101
classes, explaining that when I told the ENT my throat soemhow woudl get
very dry and itchy almost always on the left side, the idiot answered "But
mam...we only have ONE throat"....

Had a giggle saying that when he learned that in ENT 101, seems like it
impressed that ENT a *lot*;-)
Other dr said "-Yeah, It marked him so, he never forgot L"

I have to put that one in some book some day: "But ma'm, we only have ONE

I wonder in what ENT year they learn that life is in 3D;-)
And throat*s* too, thus having a right and left side, a front and back,
an up and down, etc;=)


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