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1 28th March 23:05
External User
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Default Eye Drops (glaucoma eye)

I have used almost every eye drop there is for glaucoma. My eyes
continue to be extremely bloodshot and irritated. Is this just
something that one must endure. My doctor has switched them around,
and I still have problems with the drops. Any suggestions???
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2 28th March 23:05
External User
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Default Eye Drops (glaucoma allergy)

Have you discussed SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) with your
doctor? This may be an alternative for those who can't tolerate any of
the glaucoma eyedrops.

I believe there is a new version of Alphagan coming out soon or out now
that is supposed to be less irritating even than Alphagan P. Azopt is
supposed to be less irritating than Trusopt, but I assume your doctor
knows which eyedrops are less likely to irritate. Often what causes
this kind of reaction is an allergy to the preservatives in the
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3 28th March 23:05
External User
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Default Eye Drops (glaucoma)

Have you tried using a lubricating drop about 15 min before putting the
glaucoma drops in? Some people who have problems with red-eyes to the
glaucoma drops find that helps. Make sure it's *NOT* the kind of drops
that "gets the red out".

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4 28th March 23:05
peter pendleton
External User
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Default Eye Drops (allergy)

After using Alphagan, Betagan and Xalatan for several years I developed an
allergy to the preservative used, my MO has now put me on preservative free
Trusopt and Timoptol which are not provoking any reaction - but are they

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5 28th March 23:05
External User
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Default Eye Drops

I haven't found an available SLT site within 100 miles of San
Diego. SLT technology is easy to use, isn't particularly
expensive and has been around for a while. Therefore. its
unavailability in a large rich metropolitan area full of old
people suggests to me that it may not be very effective. My
inquiry to Shiley Eye Center at UCSD got a negative reaction, and
they are loaded with money.

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