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1 11th April 15:17
tony hall
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Default Snore Stopper Head Harness (snoring)

I am a newbie that just found out why I feel like crap every day. Yes, the
stoppage of breathing, snoring and twitching which my wife says has been
escalating for a couple months. I have actually felt awful for a couple
The question I have is, does anyone use or/and have a testimonial on this
Snore Stopper product??
It's kinda ironic in a way for me because snoring is caused by the jaw being
open and the throat and jaw muscles relax so as to restrict the airway. In
my case, I also have a dental appliance to prevent the grinding of my teeth,
so I am working both ways I guess.
All I know is at 43 I shouldn't feel like my grave is just over the hill.
Thanks in advance for any insight.

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2 11th April 15:17
andy hall
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Default Snore Stopper Head Harness (apap)

These devices are about as much value for money as a chocolate tea

There are such things as Mandibular Advancement Devices which are a
dental appliance which may work for some people.

However, the gold standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea for
most people is CPAP or APAP equipment.

Having said that, you really need to have a proper medical diagnosis
done, probably including a sleep study, because although your symptoms
sound like classic OSA, it is not uncommon for there to be multiple
conditions, each possibly requiring a different treatment.

Either way, do go and seek help - you will be very glad that you did.


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