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1 17th August 04:02
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Default Something to try (tinnitus)

For those whose tinnitus came on without a known physical cause, and persistis,
something that has worked in some paitients is a guided visualization. Takes 15
minutes a day.
You sit relaxed. Breathe in count fo four and out count of six. Relax your legs
and arms. Visualize a time before you had tinntus. Use all your senses.
example, going to the prom, what you wore, saw, smelled, felt, heard.

Why this can work. Since we don't understand the chemisty here, perhaps a
change might trigger a new chemisty. We know that actors have different
"chemisty" when they play happy or sad or depressed that is measurable. Perhaps
in some patients this chemical change can occur to advantage.
The important factors are the relaxed muscles and the use of all five senses.
Recommend a month of daily trial. Hope it works for you.
Murray Grossan, M.D.
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