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1 14th September 00:13
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Default ADVICE--repost as new thread(sorry)

Good evening. I have been lurking in this forum for several weeks hoping my
topic will come up and so far it has not. So here it goes. I am interesting
in what tests can be performed to find out the reason for ED. I have found
several online--I will not list their technical names because some sites
seem to confused them so I will give them how I understand.

1. A needle is injected into your penis and a doppler ultrasound is done.
2. Blood pressure is taken on the penis with a small band.
3. A dye is injected in the penis and an xray is taken to meausre damage
veins, etc.
4. An MRI is done.

Some background I am 34 years old and 3 years ago my then girlfriend was
straddling me during intercourse and missed me. I will not describe the
pain. Believe it or not I called my mother who was a nurse: "mom i broke my
penis!" She was fairly sure it was not fractured since the pain only
lasted a couple of minutes and I was not bleeding. Since then I have had
erection problems. Problems keeping it up, vanishing erections during sleep,

Through my insurance plan(dont you love them) the urologists on staff simply
told me they didnt feel any scar tissue, I am getting older take some
viagra. That was unacceptable to me but what could I do. With my new
employer I can choose my own doctors so I plan to find a good one but I want
to be armed with information on what types of tests. I am well aware that my
stress and constant thinking of the pain and the incident has contributed to
my ED.

I am getting married next year(to someone else) and I am really under stress
to get my thingy working. It is also stressful to me having to lie to her
why I have ED. I just couldnt say an ex was banging me too hard!

Well, hopefully someone will help me with advice. I would also like to know
any risks with any of these tests. I have read that the penis injection can
cause Periones and Priapism. Neither of which sound too pleasant. If I had
my way I would say give me an MRI, but knowing how these plans operation
those expensive tests are saved for last. So I am guessing I am getting #2
first which sounds the least expensive.

Please help my friends.

Ps. Does anyone else have a penis that is cold? I cannot remember if mine
was always cold but it sure is now. Also I have had my hormones checked and
they were normal. Testoserone was 350.
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2 15th September 13:44
External User
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Default ADVICE--repost as new thread(sorry)

Thankyou Jerry! I am going to try a viagra tommorow evening I am curious
though, can you fracture a penis without the popping noise and brusing,
swelling? I read online about various cases and it seems like something that
you wouldnt necessary shake off like I did, rather a it would be a dire trip
to the ER. Also looking at the anatomy of the penis, it doesnt seem like
there is much to break? And I am guessing that Arteries and Veins cannot be

I am curious, if Viagra works what exactly does that prove in a diagnostic
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3 15th September 13:45
jerry sturdivant
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Default ADVICE--repost as new thread(sorry)

Nothing to eat for about 4-hours prior. And no caffeine (coke, chocolate
coffee) for longer than that. Many of us took the Viagra by dropping it in a
short glass of water and dissolving it. (Don't worry about the blue cover).
After drinking it down (yuck), follow it with another half glass to wash it
down. You should feel your face begin to flush in about 15-minutes, rather
than the hour by just taking the pill. You're ready.

I don't really know. I've heard of penis injury but never talked to a
urologists to ask what the actual injury is. Hydraulically, I would think
there is additional sudden high pressure. And there is that area on the top
if the penis that doesn't stretch. The next time I see my urologist I'll ask.

I would only think there would be tissue stretch and stress.

It's more of a booster. It helps you get up and stay up longer. Men that
operate properly use it as an enhancement. Like a recreational drug. I guess
it just says it's helping you chemically. Like taking vitamins; it makes up
where you're deficient.

One of the mysteries of life.

Jerry of ASI
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4 16th September 22:14
External User
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Default ADVICE--repost as new thread(sorry)

Thanks! Any idea on which test I should insist upon with my Urologist? I am
guessing I will get one shot at a "good" test so I want the one that would
most likely be able to tell if playing "ride'em cowboy" injured me
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