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1 30th June 06:41
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Default Can Valium help combat depression? (depression anxiety)


I wonder if Valium may be able to combat depression? In my case I have for
several years experienced depression combined with anxiety. I have a
constant feeling that I never will be able to find any way out of my
problems, and that my situation in general is hopeless. I've tried all the
major AD:s without much success.

I think that what I really lack is a feeling that everything will be ok, and
that my worries are gone. Could it be that the AD route I've tried has been
wrong, and that Valium or something similiar which is known to combat
anxiety will be more successful?

Does anyone have experience with Valium or some other similiar drug? What
effect does it have? How does it feel?
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2 30th June 06:41
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Default Can Valium help combat depression? (depression anxiety valium)

It both helps and causes depression. I know that sounds paradoxical but
here's my explanation.

In periods of acute anxiety, when something really bad has happened, and
you feel like you can't cope - valium works great. I usually prefer
heavier doses such as 10-15mg at once. This, to me, is a much better way
of coping than alcohol, because it doesn't make me more depressed like
alcohol does. The effect it has - puts the bad event into perspective.
It makes you more able to realise that the event doesn't necessarily
mean the end of the world for you. Either that, or it'll make you

However, if used for extended periods of time (more than a few days), I
find that valium starts to make me depressed, for no external reason. So
in my experience, valium is great, but only if used for acute episodes
of intense anxiety. It's not good if used continuously. Besides, if used
consistently for long enough you'll build a tolerance and you won't even
feel it anymore. That's my experience anyway.

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3 30th June 06:42
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Default Can Valium help combat depression? (depression anxiety valium)

I haven't tried valium, but Xanax is similar. It can provide amazingly
fast relief from anxiety symptoms. But you should be careful not to
use it too often so you don't build up a tolerance. It can also be
psychologically and physically addictive.

You should try and get a doctor to prescribe something just for your
anxiety. Depression and anxiety are different. Benzos can really
improve your life. Some people don't have problems with the addictive
aspects of them, but some do.

Look at to see what other people have said about their
experiences with anti-anxiety meds.
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4 30th June 06:45
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Default Can Valium help combat depression? (depression anxiety)

Thanks for you input. Still, to me it doesn't seem like Xanax/Valium is any
long term solution for anxiety. I mean, to really get rid of your anxiety,
it'll probably not be enough with a couple of days relief from the symptoms
which Valium/Xanax seem to offer. So what do you use instead, to combat
*long-term* anxiety?

Oh, and by the way, you said that "depression and anxiety are different",
indicating that they are two different things. Still, in my case I'd best
describe my symptoms as a mixture of the two. Don't you agree that such a
situation is possible, and that you don't necessarily must have *either*
anxiety or depression?
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5 30th June 06:45
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Default Can Valium help combat depression? (depression anxiety)

It's better to be anxiety free occassionally than not at all. As I
said, some people take benzos long term with no apparent problems, so
your assumption may be wrong.

There's no doubt that you can have them both. I am taking Zoloft, and
it has removed my depression. I'm happier and don't have a tendency
toward negative thinking like I used to. Even though I had no anxiety
before I started the Zoloft, I have anxiety now, because my
cir***stances have changed and the future looks a little more scary.

I'm not taking Xanax for it, because I don't feel a need for it right
now, but there are cir***stances where I will take Xanax, and I
wouldn't want to be without it. It's a powerful tool. You may think of
it as being superficial, but when it works, it's like a miracle,
because you become a better person - more patient, more understanding,
more calm, less quick to jump on somebody. It's like your brain has
started to work correctly.

In summary, I suggest both an anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety med.
Especially during the first 2 months of taking anti-depressants, you
will still need an anti-anxiety med, maybe even more than before.
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