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1 7th June 18:47
doug laidlaw
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Default Clonazepam questions after 4 years

My wife is a pharmacist, so I can answer in part.

Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine, of the same chemical family as Valium.
These can be habit-forming, and it is best to get off them if you can. I
went off Valium suddenly and had an epileptic fit. If possible, go back to
your doctor. There should be plenty of consumer information on the Web.
The Australian consumer information for Clonazepam in PDF format is at:

I am not qualified to make any recommendation.

As for chewing the tablets, it is my understanding that only special
slow-release capsules are released more evenly. Their contents are in
little coloured balls. Anything "enteric coated" is designed not to be
released until it reaches your intestines, and has a coating resistant to
the stomach's digestive juices. A drug marked as slow release or enteric
coated should be swallowed whole. Anything else can be chewed if you can
stand the taste. But you should be able to accept your doctor's advice on
this. If you can't get back to your doctor, ask a pharmacist. They have
books with all that kind of info, when the drug peaks in your bloodstream,

We in Australia have the advantage of a good Health Benefits scheme (so
far!) I know that it is sometimes impractical to consult a doctor, but if
you can, please do. Otherwise speak to a qualified pharmacist. They are
not just salesmen/girls. They are trained to know the answers to the kinds
of questions you are asking. In addition, they are trained to pick up
incompatibilities between different drugs. For that reason, it is
advisable to use the one pharmacist as much as possible. Your profile will
be on their computer, and any clashes should be picked up. If your profile
is in bits all over town and the Web, that is impossible.

I won't speculate on comparing clonazepam with Xanax. You may find some
info at - written by a person whose own problem
was depression.


I grow old, always learning new things.
-Solon, Greek lawgiver, 6th c. B.C.
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