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1 13th January 01:04
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Default /HPF slashHPF

What do the slash / and letters H, P, F represent?... in /HPF
Lab Generated Urine Microscopic
Component Value Range
.. White Blood Cells Urine None Seen 0-2 (/HPF)
.. Red Blood Cells Urine None Seen 0-2 (/HPF)
.. Squamous Epithelial Cells None Seen None Seen- (/HPF)
.. Bacteria None Seen None Seen- (/HPF)
.. Mucous, Urine None Seen None Seen- (/HPF)
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2 13th January 01:05
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Default /HPF slashHPF

per High Power Field.

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3 13th January 01:05
john gentile
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Default /HPF slashHPF

On 2006-09-06 16:37:12 -0400, "thesak" <> said:

When a urinalysis is performed part of the report is the microscopic
findings. We look at the urine under a microscope and count various
cells, bacteria and other objects and give them a count either the
number per high power field (#/HPF) or per low power field (#/LPF).

Your report shows that for the cells, bacteria and mucus the report is
"NONE SEEN" while the "normal range" is 0-2 cells /HPF for the RBC and
WBC, and none seen for the rest.
John Gentile, MS M(ASCP)
Laboratory Information Manager
Providence, VAMC
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4 13th January 01:05
External User
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Default /HPF slashHPF

HPF=high power field
LPF =low power field
OIF=oil immersion field (not on your report, but it is used also in some lab
reports). An oil immersion lens is required to take a close look at
bacterial morphology and details of cell morphology.

The "field" is the area you see when you look through the microscope
eyepiece. The field changes when you move the stage to move the slide
around. Many fields are scanned to get an average number of cells per field.

Squamous epithelials are sloughed off skin cells. They are typically higher
in urines from females and can be an indicator of whether there is skin
contamination bacteria in the urine and a urine culture also done on the
same specimen. Females especially can have elevated squamous epis and
bacteria in their urine without the urine representing a urinary tract
infection. It can represent urogenital bacterial flora contamination of the

Elevated white cells are an indicator of urinary tract infection. Elevated
red cells are indicative of bleeding in the urinary tract. A rare one here
and there is nothing to worry about, but if you're seeing more than 2/HPF,
then it's something to worry about, especially for a man or non-menstruating

Your microscopic is unremarkable and nothing to worry about.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
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5 13th January 03:37
arcie mizelle
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Default /HPF slashHPF

/HPF means "per high powered field", this is a general indicator of the
degree of abnormality of the specific result.

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