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1 31st August 01:49
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Default Marijuana and Insomnia ----Midazalan ,marinol , Qustions ?

I posteed on july 24th :

Today after several hours of driving around, I found a doctor that will
treat my
insomnia .I'll going soon to a hospital where there is sleep clinic.
I have to stay there one night with electrodes attached to my head .
My new doctor wasn't very impressed with these sleep clinics, but it
is paid by
the Canadian goverment ,therefore I'll go any way .

Last night I took 2 mg. of ativan ar 10 PM,
and again 2mg of ativan at 11:45AM.
At 3:13 AM i posted to this NG
My new doctor will use benzos to treat insomnia ,but won't treat Insomnia
So after many nights of no pot use , I've smmoked a joint at about about about
3:30 AM.
I went to bed and fell a sleep ,till about 7:00 AM.I'feell great physically ,
but mentally i'm trying to correct may spelling
I feel i'll be more clear headed an hour from now

Question # 1) I read reports that MIDAZONAL works well on people with Insomnia
..I did a search on MIDAZOLAN ,on
google.All the hits I got was in Spanish. Told him my doc about it. He didn't
kow this drug.Aftr feferring to his drug
on his manual , he told me it is used to put people a sleep before surgery . Do
you know of anybody using midazolan
for sleep ?

Question # 2 )How easy it is to get MARINOl ( 2.5MG. ) unless you got cancer or

Peace to all
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2 1st September 06:48
dr. wayne simon
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Default Marijuana and Insomnia ----Midazalan ,marinol , Qustions ?

although its approved indication in the u.s.a. are for schizophrenia, and
the manic phase of bipolar disorder, seventy percent of zyprexa use here is
for off labeled indications. Many docs in the U.S. have been using zyprexia
for several weeks to treat post marijuana insomnia. The doses used for this
in non psychotic patient's is usually 2.5-5mg. However, at least in the
U.S. this is again an off label use and not FDA approved.
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