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1 11th February 14:32
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Default Med's suddenly quit working ? (panic autism)

I am on Zoloft 1xdaily 100mg, Buspar 2xdaily 20mg twice daily, and Xanax up
to 2mg per day as needed.

This seemed to be the miracle combination that has worked the best after
about 10 years.

These past three days, I have been going downhill fast.
Depression is getting worse and the panic attacks are coming back. I can
take a 2mg Xanax bar at once, and it won't work not nearly as well.

Maybe I am building a tolerence and I will have to keep upping the dosage's
as high as they can go again, as in the past, and when I reach the limit, I
am screwed all over again.

I was so afraid this would happen.

I am so terrified of going thru the mental hospital trips again.

The last time it was 4 times in one month.

I have 2 kids at home under 5, one with autism.

I don't know how much more I can take.

I guess I will eventually come to a point where no med will work for me
anymore and I'll go crazy and off myself.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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2 11th February 14:32
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Default Med's suddenly quit working ?

Meds can lose their effectiveness but be proactive: Speak to your
treatment providers. Catch this before it gets so out of hand that
hospitalization is the only option. The sooner you bite this in the
bud, the better the chances you can take care of this outpatient.


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