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1 28th January 03:16
ninth commandment
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Default Mirtazapine (Trazadone Doesn't Work) (insomnia trazadone)

The docs seem determined to get me off 0.5mg Chlonazepan. I tried
trazadone and had another night of insomnia. The doc has said
Mirtazapine might be the next step. Any experiences?
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2 28th January 03:17
eric pearson
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Default Mirtazapine (Trazadone Doesn't Work) (down trazadone)

What dose trazadone did not work? Did you try it for one night only?
Ask doc about dosage. Many docs start with a very conservative dosage
and will increase it if needed.

BTW, trazadone is not a 'knock you down', but a 'help you stay down'.
Try maybe melatonin and/or chamomile tea and/or valerian to help you
fall asleep. Trazadone's main value is to reduce awakenings once you
are asleep.

eric pearson
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3 28th January 03:17
tim j.
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Default Mirtazapine (Trazadone Doesn't Work) (weight)

Remeron, the brand name of the generic Mirtazapine, works rather well
as a sleep inducer. It's onset is fairly rapid, about 20 minutes or
so, and it has few side effects that I am aware of. The side effects
I've experienced or seen mentioned most here are weight gain (I went
from 165 lbs. to 213 lbs in about a year) and dry mouth. An increase
of my dosage (from 30mg to 90mg) alleviated the weight gain, while
retaining the sedating effects. See if he can give you any samples of
Remeron for you to try.
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