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1 12th August 04:14
harry trifonas
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Default Recent Surgery (exotropia cornea iris lens macular)

I just discovered this newsgroup, and would like to poll it for information
regarding my situation.

At age 14, some 13 years ago, I was struck with a baseball in the eye that
shattered my glasses. Damage was staggering. Emergency surgery stabilized
the eye. I suffered multiple cornea lacerations, traumatic cataract, and
much of my iris was lost.

Later surgery removed the cataract, and an outpatient laser procedure was
done to either remove scar tissue or to smoothen my cornea, IIRC.

I lost all of my functional vision, and tested out ~20/400 (think the Big
E). I could see colors & general movement but that is all.

I was fitted with a contact lens which brought me down to 20/50. However my
eye had turned. Eye muscle surgery was performed, however that was dlacred
a failure almost immediately after surgery since instead of attaining
binoculor vision, I had a bad image on top of the good one. The eye turned
away again within a few months. I stopped wearing the contact because of
the double vision (exotropia?), hassle, and irritation. I settled for being
functionally blind.

FF to 2003.

11 days ago I had comprehensive surgery to fix what was broken.

The pictures below were taken during angiography prior to surgery:

1) My iris was resutured to improve form and function. It is more normal
looking, not completely circular, but very close. There is no "open
highway" to my pupil anymore @ the 9 to 10 o'clock positions. Hopefully,
glare will be reduced, and my doctor hopes that if the sphincter was not
torn, the iris might have some functionality to it as well once we
discontinue Atropine Sulfate drops.

2) IOL implantation - Pharmacia CeeOn lens - +18.0D

3) Vitrectomy. Apparently, a considerable amount of scar tissue was present
in the vitreous. This is where I am a bit confused. I did not have a gas
or oil bubble in my eye. Does this mean I had what I know read as a
"macular pucker"? The doctot said that the vitreous had become clumpy from
the trauma. Prior to surgery, I remember my doctor also mentioning that
there was a macular hole. I was a bit confused when post-Op, he stated
there was no hole (thus no bubbles), just some scarring.

So far I am thrilled. 24 hours post op, my vision was 20/70. 7 days post
op I had improved to 20/50. With the pinhole cover, I could see 20/30! By
comparison, my uncorrected vision in the other eye is 20/100, 20/20
corrected. 11 days ahgo I was functionally blind and could only recognized
movement via changes in color gradients. Unbelievable difference. For the
1st time I can distinguish people with my right eye.

My cornea might be left as is, since other than the one central scar, most
of the other scars are now covered by my rebuilt iris. Other options
include removing the top layer via laser (which I thought was already done
as a child), or having a transplant.


1) Where could I expect my vision to level off? Doctor still thinks I'll
need some refraction.
2) Despite the improvement. I still see with a stange effect akin to
looking underwater w/o goggles on. This effect was always there prior to
surgery as well, the difference now is that images actually have some
sharpness to them. Images also look very "white", as if they are
overexposed. Colors look undersaturated compared to my good eye. What
levels of improvement in these areas should I expect?
3) Exotropia. My doctor is not sure if my eye will come back into alignment
once we fully correct vision, or if prisms or surgery might be needed. He
thinks it is possible that it could come back on its own, but cannnot apply
any odds to it for obvious reasons. I am assuming that this probability is
low. Since I have had this surgery before, I don't fear it, however have
there been any improvements to it? Other than pulling on sutures to & fro
and awaiting my announcement that all is in alignment, is there any device
to that makes the necessary adjustments? Could the eye turn out again even
if say, 20/30 vision could be achieved?

I'm told it could be 2-3 or even 6 months until I heal and my true vision
comes forth.

Thank you for reading this far. I would appreciate all commentary from
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2 12th August 04:15
dr. leukoma
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Default Recent Surgery (strabismus macular)

Those are breathtakingly clear photographs in which I saw no macular hole.

I wish for your eventual recovery. It is quite possible that you will be
able to fuse again, but sometimes this is complicated by a previous
strabismus surgery.

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3 12th August 04:15
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Default Recent Surgery

Oh yes, I understand that now.....was just trying to figure out what term of
art was used to describe my condition.

Thank you for your kind wishes.
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4 12th August 04:15
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Default Recent Surgery (cataract retinal detachment eye)

I have had several eye surgeries (cataract and retinal detachment). Of
course I wanted to know what the final outcome would be, but the doctors
were always clear that although the reason they were doing the surgeries
was to improve my sight, that they couldn't really tell me exactly what to

[snipped #2 because I have no clue]

I had some other kind of "opia" between my cataract surgeries (five years
apart). My brain compensated for it. I'm not sure if what you have can
be dealt with by the brain or not.

I know it's hard to be patient, but that's why they call us "patients".


Dan Abel
Sonoma State University
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