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1 13th September 05:52
forlorn hope
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax?

Is there any advantage (or otherwise?) in using Saw Palmetto together with
Flomax? Perhaps taking Saw Palmetto in the morning and Flomax in the
evening? Is there any adverse interaction between the two?
My symptoms are not that severe (other than some retention) and my hope is
that once the Saw Palmetto starts to have an effect I will be able to come
off the Flomax.
Thanks for any advice.
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2 13th September 05:52
External User
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax? (bladder ultrasound prostate)

Not everyone responds to either Flomax or Saw Palmetto

Median lobe enlargement of the prostate does not respond to any meds

Hence its vital to get a referral to a uro and get an ultrasound done only
thisw will show up median lobe enlargement which grows upward into the
bladder and thus acts like a ball valve causing retention

PVP is simply the best method of dealing with median lobe BPH
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3 13th September 05:52
External User
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax? (bladder proscar flomax prostate)

To answer your question, yes there is an advantage to taking flomax
and saw palmetto. They work by different mechanisms. Saw palmetto is
a weak form of proscar, which can shrink the prostate. This is
beneficial for some, but not for others. It does nothing to enlarge
the channel in the prostate, which a PVP procedure can do. Flomax
relaxes muscles in the bladder neck making it easier, for some, to
pee. Since they work differently, I don't think there is any adverse
interaction between the two, however stuffy nose can be one of the
side effects of Flomax.
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4 13th September 05:52
jim w.
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax?

Not true for me. Flomax gave me a couple of years between Indigo Procedure
and recent PVP. I actually wish it hadn't! Jim W.
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5 13th September 05:52
spread democracy
External User
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax? (kidney stomach prostate)

YES there is a statistical advantage. Studies, and there are more springing
up by the hour!, are showing that a PROSCAR or AVODART, (DHT inhibitors),
plus an Alpha Blocker, achieve efficacy for managing BPH in some patients.
As for how it works, Barry is right on! Saw Palmetto is a DHT inhibitor,
(DHT is believed to irritate the Prostate cells into multiplying), and has
been used for THOUSANDS of years. Flomax is a "relaxant" and works by
lowering blood pressure in the Prostate/Urinary region, but many people, (me
included), find it drops blood pressure throughout the body making it hard
to do intense exercises for prolonged periods. So, if you an active person
you may need to try several kinds of Alpha Blockers, other than Flomax, to
find the one best suited to your metabolism. Or, you may tolerate Flomax
just fine.

Regarding Saw Palmetto, as a precaution, it might be wise to know what your
DHT blood count is. Then, based on that knowledge, to discuss taking this
herbal with your GP or Uro. What works for others may not work for you in
the long run. For example, if you have high DHT, you may not be able to
impact it sufficiently with Saw Palmetto and will lose valuable time that
could have been spent containing the problem and keeping your prostate from
growing. Or, you may need to swallow so many Saw Palmetto pills that you
may want to jump right to PROSCAR or AVODART. (P.S., if taking large
quantities of Saw Palmetto, you may want to do so with meals since it may be
a tad easier on the stomach. If you have liver, kidney problems, or are
going for any surgical procedures, seek medical advice before self dosing.)
Best wishes to you!
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6 13th September 05:52
philip magallanes
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax?

I took both for several years. It seemed to help for a while, but that was
just me.
I was never able to stop the Flomax until I had surgery.

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7 13th September 05:52
forlorn hope
External User
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax? (down ultrasound)

Thanks to all for your helpful replies. I have been taking Saw Palmetto in
the morning and Flomax in the evening for about a week, but wondered if I
could be doing more harm than good. Your replies have reassured me and I
will continue with the Saw Palmetto. I'm seeing a consultant urologist on
15th December and I'll ask about an ultrasound test. As yet I haven't had
any tests other than one digital examination when I was hospitalised with
complete retention in September so I don't know if I have a median lobe
enlargement - perhaps the consultant will be able to enlighten me. My
retention is now down to about 100ml and I am self-catheterising only once
per day. I am hoping he will say there is no need for me to continue. The
only side effects I have from Flomax are tiredness and occasional headaches,
I still jog and go to the gym and I don't have any dizzyness. I'd like to
get off them if possible of course. My actual symptoms of BPH aren't that
annoying and I only get up once during the night. The main problem is that I
dribble on for hours when I pass water if I have been drinking alcohol (esp.
beer) making visits to the urinal a bit embarrassing. People must wonder
what on earth I'm doing standing there for so long!
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8 13th September 05:53
External User
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Default Saw Palmetto and Flomax? (kidney)

how much inconvienience etc the BPH was causing

Self catheterising every day is way too big a risk of infection and
permanant kidney damage
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