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1 16th September 09:19
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Default Shell life of Ibuprofen

I had a 800mg script filled several years ago. Expiration date was 3/2002.
My question is does the ibuprofen loose its efficacy if I use it today. I
know the FDA requires a use by date. But the question is does the
Ibufprofen breakdown in any way or will it still work 2 years after the
expiration date.
Any studies done?

Thanks, Ken
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2 16th September 09:19
gregory poon
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Default Shell life of Ibuprofen

In general the expiry date indicates when the drug loses 10% of its stated
potency. However, sometimes it's not simply of matter of "not as much drug"
but you don't know if the breakdown products could be harmful in some way.
Your script is badly expired. Besides, it's ibuprofen, is it really worth
playing roulette with your health (regardless of how little risk there might
be) over what's probably a $20 prescription?
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3 16th September 09:20
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Default Shell life of Ibuprofen

The discard date of the medication is the discard date assuming the product
is not kept in optimum conditions like away from light and heat. We may
fill an Rx with a medication that actually has an expiration date of two
years down the road. We know that our medication will not be stored in a
glove box of a hot car or in somebody's pocket when it is on our shelf so
the expiration date on our medication is correct. However the default is
generally one year from the date it is filled. So the medication should be
discarded a maximum of one year from the date it was filled. Some
medications on our shelf expire in a few months and it is notated on the
prescription bottle. Whatever the situation you don't know if the medication
actually expires by the discard date or is good for another year or so.
When in doubt throw it out. Some medications like tetracycline can be toxic
if used past their expiration dates.
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4 16th September 09:20
bob g.
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Default Shell life of Ibuprofen

Have to agree with you 100 Percent....


I can remember dispensing Morphine in Vietnam in the late 60's that
carried an expiration date in the early 50's.... We were using
Morphine that was 15 years out of date on a routine basis...

When I got State side I was stationed at Walter Reed and every single
day we received "twixes" whatever that means that listed the lot
numbers of drugs that we were instructed to extend the expiration
dates of.... List of 10 or so drugs ... every single day... and we
never...repeat never ...had a single drug expire... not a one...

Since you brought up Tetracycline... While stationed at Ft Detrick
at the US Army Institute of Infectious Diseases......the research
animals only got Panmycin (Upjohns brand of Tetracycline) .. while the
troops got Tetracycline manufactured by Carlo Erba in Italy.

Does anyone in this newsgroup know when drugs were required by law to
have an expiration date on the stock bottle... ?

My guess is somewhere in the early 70's... I do know that not all
that many drugs carried expiration dates when I was a young
Pharmacist... and I graduated in 1966

Bob Griffiths

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