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1 19th September 23:17
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Default Virgo wart remover

Twenty years ago or so, my brother and I suffered from warts. His were
severe, and after trying everything from caustic removers to freezing
them off, we found the product "Virgo" which completely removed not
only the treated wart, but all other warts (after only a few weeks of
use). There was nothing caustic about the product at all, it was a
creamy ointment as I recall. The warts simply grew smaller and
smaller, then faded away completely. For the past couple of years I
have been looking for this product again and can't find it. The only
mention I can find on the net is a medical thread where the doctor told
someone else that it was basically a coincidence that the product
"seemed" to work for them. Does anyone know where I can find this
product, or what it was made from, or if it is available under another
name? I'm happy to go out of the country for it, because it DID work
and worked great!
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