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1 14th September 05:48
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Default Wilson's Syndrome

Don't believe everything you hear. You learn that when six different doctors
think your wife's symptoms are hypothryoidism yet give up their judgment when
the TSH is not abnormal, as if the morons defined someone with hypothroidism as
"someone with elevated TSH." You learn that when your child quits eating,
quits growing and keeps declining but his TSH is good and finally find on a the
website of the Magic Foundation, a clinic dealing with childhood growth
problems, that doctors don't even remember the classic signs of childhood
hypothyroisim since they were never mentioned as such to the parent. I had his
TSH taken, and had the doctor mentioned the problems we told her about could be
hypothyroidism I knew enough about TSH to get him treated anyway. I just
didn't expect his symptoms to make him look anorexic instead of overweight. I
didn't know the lack of appetite and change in growth rate from tall to short
were classic symptoms and I didn't know that some people who appear to be
skeleton thin from "anorexia" are sometimes just hypothyroid.

I pasted the link in question here. When Dr. Wilson started treating his
syndrome, he used Cytomel. This was a lot more dangerous, than the 12 hour
timed release T3 you are probably using. He got many emergency calls from
patients who had accelerated heart rates and other problems. Sick people go to
doctors, and most doctors have a patient or two die. Some of them, like the
doctors who treated my mother have their patient suffer long, painful deaths
because they recognized hypothryoidism better in 1940 than in 2003. Dr. Wilson
had a patient he was treating with the Cytomel die. He said she was a
non-compliant patient. Whether or not she was, the Cytomel may have cured
people, but it also had a high risk with it. He said when he created the timed
release T3, he stopped getting emergency phone calls.

Main stream medicine doesn't like him. They don't like Armour Thyroid either.
They don't like a patient diagnosing their condition from taking their
temperature. They like a thyroid patient to fail to figure out his condition
so he will spend much more money in the medical economy.

Yes, Wilson's treatment does work well for some. My wife got much better when
she started cycling on the timed release T3. Our doctor was flexible and when
she got a new job and didn't feel she could cycle downward and lose
productivity, the doctor let her stay on a steady dose. I would consider her
100% recovered on the medication. However, whether or not she could have
cycled more times and not needed any thyroid medication at all we don't know.
I suspect it's possible since there were times before she ever received thyroid
treatment that she would suddenly start losing weight and feeling better
without changing diet or exercise.

She no longer need Claritin, and three asthma inhalers a day. Brain fog is
gone and she's happier.

Skipper Beers

Quackwatch seems to think they have a right to be judge and jury. They don't.
They just don't like alternative treatments which cut into medical revenue.

Wilson's Syndrome

For about ten years, "functional hypothyroidism" has been promoted as "Wilson's
Syndrome," a term concocted by E. Denis Wilson, M.D., who practiced in Florida
in the early 1990s. The syndrome's supposed manifestations include fatigue,
headaches, PMS, hair loss, irritability, fluid retention, depression, decreased
memory, low *** drive, unhealthy nails, easy weight gain, and about 60 other
symptoms. Wilson claims to have discovered a type of abnormally low thyroid
function in which routine blood tests of thyroid are often normal. He states
that the main diagnostic sign is a body temperature that averages below 98.6 F
(oral), and that the diagnosis is confirmed if the patient responds to
treatment with a "special thyroid hormone treatment." [1]

In 1992, the Florida Board of Medicine fined Wilson $10,000, suspended his
license for six months, and ordered him to undergo psychological testing [2].
Although he does not appear to have resumed practice, his ideas are still
promoted by the Wilson's Syndrome Foundation.
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2 15th September 19:07
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Default Wilson's Syndrome



What is dumb about that TSH runs usually 6 wks. behind from what I've read
(meaning the blood you take today reflects the condition from 6 wks prior).
The T3, T4 and even antibody tests should be done to determine a diagnosis

I have been Euthyroid since '96 - I have Graves Disease. Recently my
antibodies showed up so I'm now Euthyroid with active Graves leaning towards
hypo. I'm not taking anything, my choice because next month I could be
teetering the other way and I'm not having symptoms. Anyway, my point is
that for instance in my condition you can't just rely on TSH.
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3 24th September 06:57
still tryin
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Default Wilson's Syndrome

very interesting information. I am hoping that the armour will help me.
I just changed in may. It is already helping my skin. A nurse
practioner perscribed it for me, not a docter.
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