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1 22nd July 00:47
External User
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Default worried, please advise (diet bladder abdomen erection)

Hello to the NG

Please take a moment to read my story, and feel free to offer opinion,
advice, guidance etc

I'm 30, have never smoked, drink alcohol perhaps once every 3 weeks,
workout 4 times a week (both CV and weights, plus I play sports once
per week). My diet, is in my opinion, pretty damn good - I consume a
lot of fresh fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit. I avoid anything
"sweet" or "stodgy" like the plague and I drink a lot of green tea and
white tea.I also take daily omega 3-6-9 supplements and 3 grams of
arginine. I am not depressed nor stressed and very rarely have any
trouble sleeping.

Sounds good? well........

For around the last year, I've been experiencing problems with my
"equipment". Firstly, let me say my libido is still the same as before
(pretty high, though I was never a nympho!!). The main issue for me is
that I havent had a normal "happened for no reason" erection throughout

the day during this period, and very rarely over this period have I
woke in the morning with an erection. I have woken in the night (say
once per week) with an erection, and some mornings (maybe twice a week)

I have a "semi".

I am however, able to get a full, hard erection with my partner or by
myself. I have however noticed that it doesn't "stay" unless the
stimulation is constant.

I have also noticed that I often feel as though I need to urinate. This

can be as quickly as 30 minutes after my last urination. What is
strange with this issue though is that the feeling that I need to
urinate is always located right at the very bottom of my abdomen (just

above my pubic bone). When I do urinate, the volume is normal and the
stream is strong. However, the last, say, 5% always seems to get
"stuck" inside me and just trickles out very, very slowly. If I want to

stop the trickle I have to "push" the urine out with a squueze of my PC

muscle. On a few occasions, I have zipped up thinking I was finished
and a little bit (about 2%) has left me and obviously "wetted" my
underwear. I find this concerning. I do not wake up in the night
needing to urinate, but every morning when I do wake, the need to
urinate is "immense" and my bladder feels incredibly full (especially
just above the pubic bone). This happens whether or not I take a drink
before bed.

Now, I've tried Viagra well, "kamagra" to be precise, a few times (both

by myself and with my partner) and have to say, it works incredibly
well for me. It has always given me a seriously hard erection that just

"stays" even without manual stimulation. I can also report that for me,

it seems to far outperform the reported few hours "life", and can
"work" with me for up to 2 full days after taking it (strange in

I have also found that when I've taken Viagra before sleep, I always
wake in the night and in morning with a full erection (even if I've
ejaculated before going to sleep). I find this excellent as it feels
"like it should"!!

I am struggling to understand my lack of "natural" erections in the day

and mornings and this strange desire to urinate often.

Please advise me !

thank you all
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2 22nd July 00:47
robert a. fink, m. d.
External User
Posts: 1
Default worried, please advise (diabetes)

The only thing that comes immediately to mind is the possibility of
occult diabetes. You might ask for a Glucose Tolerance Test from your
regular physician.



Robert A. Fink, M. D.
Neurological Surgery
2500 Milvia Street Suite 222
Berkeley, CA 94704-2636 USA

NOTE: The material above is not "medical
advice". Medical advice can only be
given after an in-person contact between
doctor and patient.
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3 22nd July 00:48
testiclez md
External User
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Default worried, please advise

sell the farm and move to bangor me
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4 22nd July 00:48
External User
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Default worried, please advise

listen my man, i am now 61 years old.
when i was 23 i could have posted the exact
symptoms that you have just described.
over the years my problems progressively
got worse and i experienced severe pain
in my nuts back and groin and bowels.
now i have very little pain or ***ual problems
thanks to the good work posted by the fatty mawson
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5 22nd July 00:48
testiclez md
External User
Posts: 1
Default worried, please advise

sell the farm and move to bangor me.
you have no idea what you are in for.
most of us started out the same way
good luck you are going to need it
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6 22nd July 00:48
ernie sty
External User
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Default worried, please advise (urinary prostate)


As far as your erections: Welcome to your thirties. You're a normal 30-year
As far as the urinary symptoms go, they are not really normal for age 30.
If you believe in taking herbs and herb extracts, some people find that
taking saw palmetto, pygeum, zinc, stinging nettles and lycopene helps. You
may want to have a doctor check your prostate.
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